Monday 27 April 2015

GCC consulting market expands by $1bn in 3 years

The GCC consulting market grew by more than 15 per cent to $2.5 billion in 2014. This means the market has expanded by more than $1 billion in just three years, an amount that is roughly equivalent to that of the entire consulting markets of mature European countries like Spain and Italy.


After Yemen attack, Saudi may struggle with peacemaker role

Saudi Arabia has bombed Yemen for four weeks but may be little closer to imposing influence in its war-torn neighbour. As the kingdom winds down the campaign it led against Yemen's Houthis, a militia allied to its regional rival Iran, Riyadh faces a test of its diplomatic ski


Ocean output seen at $2.5trn a year, but sinking fast

Economic output by the world's oceans is worth $2.5 trillion a year, rivalling nations such as Britain or Brazil, but marine wealth is sinking fast because of over-fishing, pollution and climate change, a study said on Thursday. "The deterioration of the oceans has never


The new dress code: wearable technologies

The business world is now exploring how it can take advantage of the new possibilities provided by wearable technology, ranging from smartglasses and smartwatches to augmented reality and fitness trackers. The wearable-technology revolution hit fever pitch in August 2014. At firs


Mena investors likely to boost Saudi capital market

The hundreds of billions of dollars that would flow into investments in Saudi Arabia once its $530 billion capital market opens up is likely to give a major boost to the contribution from Mena, said an industry expert. Saudi Arabia will have 4 per cent weight in the Morgan Stanle


Low oil cooling Abu Dhabi's resurgent property sector

Lower oil prices are likely to cause Abu Dhabi's residential property sector to stabilise in 2015 following a two-year price boom as sentiment weakens and government spending in some areas slows, said industry consultants. A slew of new residential units was released in 2009-


New concept of healthy eating sparks mergers spree

A boom in "nutraceuticals" - food and drinks with potential health benefits - is paving the way for a rush of deals, as food and drug companies compete to dominate a market expected to be worth $280 billion by 2018. Consumers have been encouraged to eat smarter by an ob


Arab youth unsure if democracy could work in region

Confidence among Arab youth that the Arab Spring would bring positive change across the region is declining and as a result they are uncertain whether democracy could ever work in the Middle East, a report said. Thirty-nine per cent of Arab youth said it will never work, when ask


Some banks win, some lose in Dubai's ‘Islamic economy’

Dubai's drive to develop its Islamic finance sector is fuelling growth of sharia-compliant banking but the benefits are unevenly distributed, with some lenders struggling to compete against burgeoning competition. In 2013, Dubai's government announced plans to turn the em


Iran nuke deal prospects weighing on oil prices

Lifting sanctions on Iran's oil industry could significantly change the outlook for oil supply and prices, the head of the US Energy Information Administration told US legislators. "If and when sanctions are lifted, EIA's baseline forecast for world crude oil prices

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