Sunday 18 February 2018

Technology and the future of finance

In the first of this series of two articles we looked at the impact of new technology on financial services.  I wrote that technology, particularly digital technology, almost always starts as a way to do something you already do more efficiently than you already do it. A spe


Saudi growth recovers on high oil prices: report

Saudi Arabia’s economic activity has bottomed out as high oil prices are allowing implementation of looser fiscal policy and containing near-term fiscal deterioration, said the Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) in a new report.  The government intends to support a


Future of superintelligence far from clear: Futurist

Superintelligence is coming and it could extinguish the human race, but there is little governments can do now to control it, philosopher and futurist Nick Bostrom said on the closing day of the sixth World Government Summit (WGS 2018) in Dubai, UAE. Superintelligence is coming a


Regulators must adopt emerging tech: Accenture

Regulators must embrace the innovative application of emerging technologies, known as RegTech, to enable a more effective regulatory environment, mitigate risks and drive competitive advantage, said leading global professional services company Accenture in a new report. According


GCC family businesses confident of prospects for 2018

The GCC’s family businesses have shown confidence in their prospects for 2018, as they begin to adapt to the “new norm” of lower oil prices and the impact of geopolitical developments, said KPMG in a new report. The report titled “GCC Family Business Surve


Change-hungry youth ‘key to unlocking growth’

The struggle to recruit skilled workers is a recurring concern for manufacturing businesses across the world. An EEF report recently revealed that three-quarters of manufacturers have struggled to recruit skilled workers in the last three years. This industry analysis suggests th


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