Sunday 22 September 2019

Crude oil spike deflates but geo-risks remain

While probably only temporary the crude oil pendulum swung dramatically back in favour of higher prices this week. On that basis we suspect that WTI crude oil's range around $55 per barrel (/b) seen these past three months now has shifted higher towards $60/b. Next up EIA's weekly stock


Oil markets vulnerable after strikes on Saudi facilities

Oil markets stand exposed to price shocks after attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities slashed over half its total production. If the country uses its own oil stocks to make up for the shortage, this gives the market just over a month until the inventories run dry. The dr


Perceptions of climate change in the Middle East

For a region like the Middle East, with several low-lying major cities susceptible to rising sea levels, recognizing and acting on the implications of climate change may be critical to the region’s future, said market research firm YouGov in a new report. When asked to desc


Construction sites of the future ‘will be people-free’

The construction sector is on the cusp of a technological transformation which will drive sustainability considerations to the forefront of decision-making, according to experts who will be debating key challenges associated with construction megatrends at an event this month. &n


EVs driving the need for industrial edge data centers

In a recent post I wrote about how a couple of trends in the automotive industry are driving the need for manufacturers to invest in industrial edge data centers. But an additional pair of trends promises to bring additional players into the equation, namely infrastructure providers including l


$33bn market share shift ‘up for grabs’ for digitally relevant airlines

Airlines that have successfully installed connected cabins have an immediate opportunity to win $33 billion in market share from competitors. That is the conclusion of new economic modelling from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in association with Inmarsat, the world


Tech disruption in retail banking in GCC

As in other markets, the main risk of technological disruption for retail banks in the GCC is changes in customer preference, said S&P Global Ratings in a new report. "This is the conclusion we drew from our four-factor analysis of a banking system's technology, regu


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