Monday 5 October 2015

Using mobile technology to boost sales

In the fiercely competitive world of sales, first impressions are everything and every meeting matters. If you don’t leave a mark on your client within the first 30 seconds, chances are you won’t get the sale. To increase the probability of closing deals, employers ac


10 key cultural trends for Mena in 2015

The over-arching theme that sits at the heart of all 10 Trends identified for 2015 is betterment.  Mena consumers are redefining all their priorities, perspectives and affiliations, expecting brands to step up with more responsibility than ever before. Benevolent Brands


Legal troubles, market realities threaten Uber's global push

Uber's aggressive global expansion is looking costlier and riskier than ever as the company struggles with regulatory and competitive obstacles in major markets. Just last week, the company faced a police raid on its European headquarters in the Netherlands, a criminal trial


IMF, central banks to put China in spotlight

Flanked by interest rate decisions in Britain, Japan and Australia, the IMF's annual meeting in Lima takes centre stage in the calendar next week, with policymakers focussing on China's economic slide and its impact on the rest of the world. Activity in China's vast f


US, allies short on options as Russia flexes muscles in Syria

Across the Middle East, America's traditional allies are watching with disbelief as Russia and Iran mount a show of force in Syria, and they are wondering how it will end. The US-led coalition, created to combat the jihadi threat from Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, has been


Commodity price slump sends ripples across the globe

In the boom times when the price of gold was soaring, Ebenezer Sam-Onuawonto had a dream job and a dollar salary many times the national average in this mining town in southwestern Ghana. When the price fell, he lost his job as human resources chief at a mining company that close


Despair, hardship as Iraq cuts off wages in IS cities

The Iraqi government's decision to choke off funding for Islamic State by cutting off all wages and pensions in cities controlled by the group has plunged people into hardship and could help the insurgents tighten their grip, officials and residents say.   F


A strict CFO ‘could be bad for business’

Traditional, strict CFOs work within existing systems and prefer not to be influenced by reputation and personalities when making decisions and are unlikely to acknowledge need for change when it comes to technology systems, a report said. How and why chief financial officers (CF


Millions face hunger due to climate change

At least 10 million poor people face hunger this year and next because of droughts and erratic rains linked to record global temperatures and an expected "super" version of the evolving El Nino weather pattern, aid charity Oxfam has warned. In Ethiopia alone, 4.5 millio


Integrated destinations – not just mixed use projects

In a region where giga-projects are the norm and superlatives a minimum, what is it that makes (real estate) projects stand out and successful? And to be pragmatic – how can a developer ensure commercial success in a highly competitive environment? What are the drivers? Doe

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