Saturday 23 May 2015

Saudi Arabia rewrites oil game with refining might

Saudi Arabia's rapid transition into one of the world's largest oil refiners has added an extra dimension to the oil exporter's role as the driver of Opec (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) policy, say experts. When it attends Opec's next meeting


US drivers yield 'swing' oil demand crown to Saudis

As the United States raced over the past five years toward becoming a global petroleum powerhouse, the world's biggest oil exporter Saudi Arabia quietly seized a market milestone from America: the largest source of peak summer demand. From June through August, when temperatur


Islamic State controls half of Syria

Islamic State controls more than half of Syria's territory after its westwards advance into the central city of Palmyra, a group monitoring the war said on Thursday. The militant group, which already controlled wide tracts of land in Syria's north and east, captured the a


Small food makers on fast path to US store shelves

Small US food manufacturers once toiled for decades to develop a critical mass of fans for their products. Now, an increasing number of privately-held players are going from garage to grocery store in fewer than five years thanks to an erosion of barriers to entry within the food industry.


Mobile technologies driving a trillion-dollar impact

Mobile technologies are creating immense value for consumers, who value them at 11 to 45 per cent of their income – well above what they pay for the service, a report said. According to the new report by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consulting firm


Eye-tracking tech makes virtual reality hands-free

An advanced virtual reality headset could be a game-changer for the entertainment industry and give people with certain disabilities new powers of communication and interaction, according to the developers. The Fove headset uses eye-tracking technology to give the wearer an immer


Supercar makers neglect women at their peril

Supercar makers are like teenage boys at a high school dance, according to business consultant Belinda Parmar. They don't have a clue how to speak to women. They may need to learn, and quickly. With the number of financially independent women on the rise across


Iran flexes muscles in Strait of Hormuz

Iran is using its sea power in the Gulf to show it will not be cowed by Washington's newly assertive Arab allies, prompting critics to accuse Tehran of destabilising the region. Iranian ships fired shots at a Singapore-flagged tanker which it said damaged an Iranian oil platf


Assad may need his friends more than ever

When Lebanon's Hezbollah first joined Syria's war on the side of President Bashar al-Assad, its role was a closely guarded secret. Today, as Hezbollah plants its flag in land won from rebels north of Damascus, its role could hardly be more public. And for Syria's incr


Investment banks facing uphill battle

Facing ongoing challenges from disruptive industry trends, investment banks must take action on a number of fronts if they hope to put themselves on a positive trajectory for the future, according to a new report. The report, Global Capital Markets 2015: Adapting to Digital Advan

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