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Royal Capital Pro sees record cryptocurrency buys

TALLINN, Estonia, January 9, 2018

Royal Capital Pro, a leading online trading platform for forex in the region, has announced that its sales of cryptocurrencies have now reached millions of dollars and continue to grow at a whopping rate of 200 per cent a month.

"The unprecedented demand is due to the simple fact that bitcoins are simply running out," stated Nasser Hashem, chief broker at Royal Capital Pro. "The natural response from investors is to purchase as many as they can right now before the last one is sold."

Bitcoin, the world's first decentralized digital currency, was structured from the start to expand to a finite number of 21 million, but only four million remain to be created. That simple statistic means that their value will continue to increase in reverse proportion to the decreasing number of bitcoins that become available.

Given the unprecedented demand, Asharq al-Awsat, the world's leading pan-Arab daily newspaper, has begun to list Bitcoin prices alongside those of gold and crude oil on the top banner of its financial pages.

"With its proven record of success, Royal Capital Pro intends to be the primary online cryptocurrency brokerage for residents of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf and enable them to take full advantage of this rare investment opportunity, which will never repeat itself," Hashem added.

Apart from Bitcoin, which was introduced to the global market in 2009, Royal Capital Pro also offers its customer its three leading cryptocurrency competitors − Litecoin, introduced in 2011, Ripple, introduced in 2012 and Ethereum, introduced in 2015. While technologically similar to Bitcoin, Litecoin's advantage is that its block generation time is 2.5 minutes, compared to Bitcoin's 10 minutes. It claims it provides a much faster transaction confirmation as a result. Ripple was the first cryptocurrency that is not based on the Bitcoin protocol. Moreover, it is also a payment network that connects consumers to their trusted contacts. Ethereum is a relatively new platform that features a different and more general scripting language than Bitcoin.

According to the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, which issued the world's first global cryptocurrency benchmark study in May 2017, more than three million people worldwide are now actively using digital currency. That figure, which is three-times higher than previous estimates, represents a critical mass that has turned cryptocurrency into an integral part of the global financial system.

"To illustrate the profit potential of cryptocurrency investments, a single bitcoin traded for approximately $960 in January 2017 and topped $10,000 by the end of November," Hashem concluded. "Royal Capital Pro is ready to lend its experience and expertise to its customers throughout the Arabian Peninsula in order for them to benefit from a final once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." – TradeArabia News Service

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