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Museum's oval shape .... to be carved using 3D printing technique.

Dubai to build Museum of the Future using 3D printing

DUBAI, March 8, 2015

Dubai government has embarked on an ambitious plan to build 'The Museum of the Future' using 3D printing construction techniques, said a report.  

The oval ring-shaped facility will be built at an estimated cost of $136 million in the Emirates Towers area near Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, UAE.

To be ready by 2017, 'The Museum of the Future' will showcase innovation and solutions to challenges facing cities of the coming decades, said a report.

The museum will be futuristic in every sense of the word, from its content to its ‘innovation labs,’ which focus on education, health, smart cities, energy, and transportation, to the very construction of the building which houses it all.

It has been designed by architect Shaun Killa, who recently left his role as design director of Atkins Dubai to set up his own practice, Killa Partnership.

Describing the building’s design to Al Arabiya News, Killa said: “The solid element of the building symbolises what we know today representing what we know to be the future, and the void represents what we don’t know. So we constantly are looking towards the future and discovering new possibilities.”

The game plan is to change out all the content of the museum every six months, ensuring that they are always looking 10 years into the future, he added.

The government plans to use advanced 3D printing construction techniques to help build the curved, oblong, oval-shaped structure, said the report.

It will feature the Arabic poetry of Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, describing his vision of the future, it stated.

More than just a place to learn and imagine the future, with a motto of “See the future, create the future,” some of the world’s brightest minds will be within the facility inventing and working on applications that could take humanity to new wonderful places, it added.

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