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PMI releases new offering to tackle construction industry challenges

DUBAI, November 30, 2021

Project Management Institute (PMI), one of the world's leading associations for project professionals, has launched Construction Professional in Built Environment Projects (CPBEP), its first industry-specific solution tailored for construction professionals, to address the key industry challenges and rapid industrialisation efforts.
As urban population centres swell, climate change intensifies, and emerging economies mature, the demand for major infrastructure projects — and the individuals who manage them — is rapidly increasing. In fact, McKinsey found that $3.5 trillion in yearly global economic infrastructure investment will be needed through 2035.
PMI said it had worked with leading construction organisations and subject matter experts to identify common issues in the industry in order to create learning solutions that help construction professionals evolve their project management skills and lead their projects and organisations forward. 
The courses and micro-credentials can help these professionals through upskilling to ensure they have the power and technical skills needed to deliver projects of all sizes more successfully, especially as construction organisations experiment with various new technologies and ramp up their work, said the statement from the institute.
Challenges unique to the construction industry are detracting project outcomes and taking a toll on the professionals leading these projects - and the companies funding them.
Last year, PMI said it had surveyed more than 40,000 global Project Management Professional (PMP) certification holders in the construction industry and found that 72 per cent of them experienced project delays always or often, while 70 per cent experience scope creep always or often, and 73 per cent of projects ended over budget.
"PMI has long been dedicated to helping people, organisations and communities realise their potential. The world's leading association for project professionals and changemakers, we believe - wholeheartedly - in the power of the project management mindset," remarked Grace Najjar, the Managing Director of PMI Mena.
"Over the years, we have seen just how important project management has been in bringing the most ambitious construction projects to life. Be it with our courses and learning solutions, networking or advocacy, we are committed to empowering construction professionals across the Middle East and North Africa to upskill, acquire new tools and continue delivering truly impactful projects," stated Najjar.
"History tells us that the construction industry typically underperforms, but that doesn’t have to be the industry’s future," she added. 
The new offering includes seven online learning courses, three of which include the opportunity to earn a micro-credential upon course completion. The first three courses are now available:
*Built Environment Project Communication Pro – This micro-credential with a course focuses on the power of effective communication and how to improve this skill, specifically in a construction environment.
*Scope and Change Order Management in the Built Environment – This course focuses on project outcomes and understanding how technology can support scope development, management, and change order processes.
*Interface Management in the Built Environment – This course focuses on the effective management of communications, relationships, and deliverables among various stakeholders in large, complex projects.
The remaining four courses will launch in 2022, along with the capstone exam that will award the CPBEP certification to professionals who pass the exam.
PMI Global Head of Construction Ben Breen said: "With more than 50 years in the project management industry, PMI is uniquely positioned to help equip professionals with the skills needed to transform the surging industry through developing these innovative learning methods and practices."


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