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Nasa, Arab Youth Foundation join hands

Washington, December 8, 2009

Nasa and the UAE-based Arab Youth Venture Foundation have inked a partnership deal to provide outstanding college students from the UAE in field of science, technology, engineering and aerospace the opportunity to work on Nasa missions.

Under the Space Act Agreement, three to 12 UAE engineering students will each year get the opportunity to work with US students, scientists, and engineers on Nasa missions.

'The space program has a unique ability to inspire students to pursue excellence in disciplines that drive science and technology innovation,' said Joyce Winterton, assistant administrator for education at Nasa Headquarters in Washington.

'With this Space Act Agreement, Nasa will engage outstanding students in the UAE to continue their development in the critical skills of science, technology, engineering and mathematics,' he explained,

Under this program, UAE students will join US students in a research project administered by the Education Associates Program at Nasa's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California.

The UAE student involvement will provide US student participants with valuable experience and knowledge about working together with representatives from other countries. The Education Associates Program anticipates its first group of Education Research Fellows in January 2010.

Corporations and government entities in the UAE will sponsor the foundation's activities in full, including costs related to student lodging, housing, and transportation, said a Arab Youth Venture Foundation official.

'There is much work to be done to promote and deliver inspired science, technology, education, aerospace and math education in the Arab world that is hands-on and conducted in real world settings,' said Lisa-Renee LaBonte, chief executive officer of the Foundation.

'This groundbreaking program, administered by NASA, will provide select UAE citizens the opportunity to work with Nasa scientists, researchers, and engineers on actual missions.'

Founded in Ras Al Khaimah, the Arab Youth Venture Foundation is dedicated to imagining and bringing to life initiatives that nurture the innovative spirits and entrepreneurial mindsets of youth aged six to 21 across the Arab world.

The foundation's goal is to create activities that develop the next generation of scientific researchers, engineers, inventors, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs.



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