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Centre explores corporate success

Dubai, December 21, 2009

The Elite Program, managed by Dubai-based Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Leadership Development (MBRCLD), recently concluded a new progamme, wherein participants discussed new leadership and corporate paradigms.

At a session of the centre’s Reader Today Leader Tomorrow programme, participants reviewed Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ" and Jim Collins' "Good to Great: Why some companies make the leap… and others don't."

Goleman's book, which is based on brain and behavioural research, argues that emotional intelligence – not IQ – is the strongest indicator of human success primarily because it is not fixed at birth.

The book points out that people with high emotional intelligence have been found to be more successful at work and play as they are able to build flourishing careers and lasting, meaningful relationships.

Digging deep into the foundations of a successful company, Collins' "Good to Great" reveals that making the transition from a good to a great business organisation does not necessarily require a high-profile CEO, the latest technology, innovative change management or even a fine-tuned business strategy.

What defines a great company, the book explains, is a corporate culture that rigorously searches and cultivates disciplined people who think and act in a disciplined manner.

“Our view of leadership and corporate success continues to evolve and change as we discover new insights into the way people and corporate organisations behave,” said Adel Al Shared, executive chairman, MBRCLD.

“The books that were featured in the Reader Today Leader Tomorrow session offered the kind of topics that really tested the intellectual capacity and emotional preparedness of the participants to explore revolutionary ideas and concepts in the areas of leadership and corporate management,” he added.

“I am sure that this session has helped the participants better understand the different factors that greatly influence their ability to achieve success as leaders of our society."

Makiya Ahmed Al Awadhi, participant of Elite Program said: "The latest session of Reader Today Leader Tomorrow introduced us to a deeper investigation of the fundamental elements of leadership and corporate success.”

“It is very important that we are kept abreast with such modern and thought-provoking concepts as these will play increasingly important roles in the continued development of our society. The knowledge that we have learned from these activities will serve as building blocks in our pursuit to become more competent, responsible and creative leaders of the future,” Al Awadhi concluded. – TradeArabia News Service

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