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3D cartoon training planned in Bahrain

Manama, July 10, 2010

Plans are being drawn to inspire Bahrain’s youth to take up 3D cartoon animation as a profession, said an expert.

Mansoor Toorani, a former worker with top aluminium smelter Alba, is already working with a group of local artists towards creating the first fully animated 3D cartoon made by Bahrainis.

'I am hoping to recruit more people for my projects,' Toorani said..

'There are a number of people I know working at various places across Bahrain who have the talent and want to succeed in this business. They just need to be given a chance to utilise their talent.'

The 40-year-old also hopes to make a mark on 3D media production in the Middle East.

'I am currently working with Reza Habib, owner of R1-Studios who has expertise in audio engineering and sound effects production,' he said.

'Together, we hope to set up the first fully functional 3D studio production with audio and video suites,” he added.

Toorani is working on creating silent comedy cartoons with moral significance for people of all ages.

'I am a big fan of Tom and Jerry and this is where some of my influence comes from,' he said. 'I'm sure people of all ages, whether they are five years old or 90 will appreciate them.'

Toorani's interest in 3D character animation and video effects production began in 1996, as he tried to set up his first business venture.

'Initially, back in 1990, I was creating 3D models and animations for buildings and architectural designs as well as walk-throughs for several projects,' he explained. 'In the mid-90s, my interest in 3D character animation soared and I started to work on several animation and video projects on a freelance basis for Bahrain TV.

'My completed projects include a Bahrain.bh advertisement campaign documentary about National Day and a Tamkeen advertisement campaign,” he said.

Toorani has completed projects for well-known channels such as MBC, Al Jazeera and Qatar TV. He has also prepared a short sequence of 3D animations recreating a 1970s Arabic television series called Darb el Zalaq.

However, to complete the project he said he needs backing of sponsors.

'We have so many things in mind, but now we just need people to sponsor us to make full cartoons of our own,' said Toorani. – TradeArabia News Service

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