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Abu Dhabi forum to draw top innovators

Abu Dhabi, December 26, 2010

Some of the world’s leading innovators will impart practical strategies at the upcoming 'Abu Dhabi Innovation Forum' to be held from January 24 to 25.

Organised by Aim Events, the events management group of Abu Dhabi University, the forum is part of 'Abu Dhabi Innovation Week,' which also features the Innovators Fair and the Innovation Awards.

Creative and practical tools and strategies needed to thrive in this current economic climate are among the main topics to be highlighted at the second edition of the forum to be held at Fairmont Bab Al Bahar.

Alexander Blass, winner of the 'Top Innovator of the Year' award and Matt Kingdon, chief executive officer and founder of ‘?WhatIf! Innovation Company’, are among the keynote speakers lined up for the event.

The event, will gather international experts and leading innovators to discuss the developing landscape of 'Innovation in the UAE' led by Abu Dhabi. It will also feature new and innovative business concepts and ideas worldwide, said the organisers.

“Through seasoned and recognised innovators sharing their thoughts and experiences at the forum up-and-coming innovators from the UAE will be able to draw plans from the speakers’ experiences to improve their work environments,” said James Graham, general manager, Aim Events.

“The forum serves as the venue for discussion of the latest innovative strategies and ensures bringing to Abu Dhabi global insights that will help in the development of the culture of innovation in UAE and the region,” he added.

Blass, the youngest 'Top Innovator' award winner will reveal how to reinvent to get on the path of innovation. He will share essential characteristics of successful innovators, some of the challenges to overcome as well as learning to generate international buzz for innovations with limited resources.

One of the most acclaimed social entrepreneurs and innovators, Blass has improved and inspired countless lives across the world through RealityCharity, his invention of person-to-person giving technology on the internet.

With all the capabilities of social networking sites, RealityCharity is the world’s first direct fundraising platform and philanthropy community wherein organisations and individuals around the world may raise money for good causes. 

Meanwhile, Kingdon will discuss a presentation which will focus on ‘How to deliver on the Promise of Innovation’. He will provide practical tools and techniques aimed at business leaders who need innovation to drive growth.

Kingdon’s ?WhatIf! Innovation Company is helping a wide range of clients in over 40 countries worldwide to innovate and grow by releasing the creative potential of their people, products and brands.

?WhatIf! works with clients to increase their innovation capability by cultivating skills, organisational structures and mechanisms as well as identifying and developing how to lead for successful innovation.

In 2002, Kingdon has co-authored ‘How to Start a Creative Revolution’ and the highly successful ‘Sticky Wisdom’. A respected Innovation Practitioner and speaker, Kingdon is also director and advisor to five start-up companies.
The event will be held in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi Innovation Week, which will include an Innovators Fair, and the Innovation Awards.

The Innovators Fair will showcase new products and innovative solutions and services from local innovators while the awards will recognise individuals who have achieved excellence in innovation.

Both the events will be held at ADU Khalifa City Campus on January 26.

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