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NBAD launches 3 new Emiratisation drives

Abu Dhabi, September 12, 2011

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), a leading bank in the UAE, has initiated three new programmes that enable UAE nationals of different background and preferences to build careers in banking.

The campaign includes an international scholarship programme under which NBAD sponsors young UAE nationals interested in studying abroad in a programme that also offers internship and employment upon graduation.

The programmes also include Sadara, which enables recruited nationals earn a professional diploma in banking and finance and gain work experience simultaneously; and Al Bedayah that is geared to allow UAE nationals earn an associate degree in banking and finance.

“Al Bedayah, the scholarship and Sadara programmes offer different career development options to UAE nationals. We methodically designed each of these programmes to enlarge the NBAD tent for UAE talent,” said Ehab Anis Hassan, the Group chief human resources officer of NBAD.

“NBAD’s Emiratisation strategy is to empower UAE nationals to be the future leaders of this country. Guided by this principle, the Bank endeavours to expand the knowledge and skills of talented Emiratis.”

NBAD intends to recruit over 50 trainees each in Sadara and Al Bedayah programmes and would sponsor about half a dozen students for international study.

“National Bank of Abu Dhabi’s new programmes augment the other prestigious learning curriculum that NBAD offers, which has made this Bank an employer of choice for UAE nationals,” said Suhaila AlJesmi, the Watani manager at NBAD.

These programmes also complement NBAD’s “Learning Culture” under which the Bank continuously expands the skills and knowledge of all its employees.

“NBAD’s Learning Culture, into which the Bank has invested significantly, serves two objectives: one to maintain NBAD’s lead role in product development; and two, to offer career development to our valued employees by expanding and optimising their skills,” added Hassan.

NBAD’s other Emiratisation initiatives include the exemplary AFAQ programme, which the bank recent upgraded to a Master of Science in Finance. Under this programme, NBAD recruited the most qualified who exhibited great motivation and passion to succeed and the potential to grow into leaders who can benefit the Bank and the UAE.

“NBAD is committed to supporting Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision, which is the blueprint to develop Abu Dhabi into a global hub of culture and commerce,” Hassan said.

“We believe one of the ways we can support the 2030 Vision and the UAE sustainable growth is by producing tomorrow leaders. This is why the bank continues to invest significantly in our learning culture and develop programmes to support this strategy,” he concluded. – TradeArabia News Service

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