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Esmod to offer course in perfume discovery

Dubai, September 21, 2011

Esmod Dubai, the French school dedicated to fashion in the region, is collaborating with a renowned French company specialized in perfume consultancy to offer an exclusive course on perfume discovery.

The month-long Perfume Discovery sessions will commence on October 5, wherein participants will be trained to use an Olfactorium, a compact version of a perfumer palette, to learn the basics of perfume creation and create their own fragrance that truly exemplifies their distinct personality and style.

Candidates interested in taking up the course, which costs Dh8,100 ($2,205), can opt for either the early afternoon session or the evening session.

“Esmod Dubai is pleased to collaborate with a renowned French company for the Perfume Discovery sessions, which will provide an excellent opportunity for participants to learn more about how to effectively test one’s sense of smell, discover the perfumer creator universe, work with a perfume organ, learn the basics of perfume creation and be able to create their own fragrances,” said Tamara Hostal, director and founder of Esmod Dubai.

“This course especially targets ladies who are already involved with the sale of perfumes or those working in the fashion space where an in-depth knowledge of perfumes is vital, and where their proficiency in the subject is often tested. Perfumes are no doubt closely linked with fashion.”

“Take for instance, fashion brands like Ralph Lauren or Tom Ford which have created their own fragrance. Our 3-year fashion program and the perfume discovery sessions are based on the premise of enhancing knowledge in perfumes and fashion,” she added.

“This course will be of strong interest to all women, who arguably are among the world’s most ardent perfume enthusiasts,” Hostal noted.

“The Perfume Discovery program is part of Esmod Dubai’s continuing thrust to offer exciting fashion courses, while complementing our professional make-up trainings, which are likewise very successful and popular among female Emirati and GCC students,” she concluded. – TradeArabia News Service

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