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Employee turnover ‘increasing in Saudi’

Riyadh, April 29, 2014

Nearly 33 per cent of Saudi nationals are likely to leave their employer in the next three years, a report said, highlighting key criteria in attracting and retaining employees.

A survey conducted by global HR consulting firm Mercer, showed differences in employee and employer expectations around compensation, staff development, motivation, and at the nature of work, according to the Arab News report.

“The findings are a clear wake-up call for employers of Saudi men and women,” Tom O’Byrne, head of Mercer’s business in Saudi Arabia, was quoted as saying in the report.

“Employers who don’t prepare their workforce, their HR programs and their policies to better reflect and accommodate the Saudi workforce of today and tomorrow, will end up paying a high price.”

“One in four Saudi men and one in three Saudi women told us they plan to leave their current employer within one-three years; up to 17 per cent among younger employees stated they planned to stay less than 12 months,” O’Byrne said.

“Our study has uncovered that while compensation is key to attracting Saudi nationals into and away from an employer, it is not the only driver to employee motivation and engagement to stay and grow with his or her employer,” Omar Alsanousi, an associate with Mercer Consulting in Saudi Arabia, was quoted in the report.

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