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Boots launches new sun care range

Dubai, May 28, 2008

Boots, the UK’s number one pharmacy-led health and beauty store, is set to help you stay safe in the sun this summer with its award-winning sun protection range called Soltan.

Leading the way in sun care technology with the biggest selling sun care range in the UK, Soltan is equipped with enhanced formulations and application methods, including easily absorbed lotions and sprays, ranging from SPF4 to SPF50+.

Soltan products are dermatologically tested with water resistant properties containing Vitamin E, to help prevent long-term skin damage.

Offering sun care protection for the entire family, the new range includes Soltan Protection lotions, Soltan Protection Sprays, Soltan Kids, Soltan Face, Soltan Sensitive, and Soltan Aftersun.

“It’s essential to choose a sun cream with good UVA protection. Any product that is less than five stars means your skin will be protected with a disproportionate level of UVA to UVB protection. This could ultimately mean you’re unwittingly exposing your skin to UVA damage,” said Boots UK Sun Care scientific advisor Mike Brown.

“With weather conditions in the Middle East, suncare protection has become necessary all through the year. The award-winning Soltan range, which is immensely popular in the UK will ensure provide maximum protection to residents in Dubai, with no adverse effects at all,” said president, Boots, MH Alshaya Co, Richard Morgan.

The experts at Boots have developed the formulation to offer 12 hours of continuous moisturisation to help reduce dryness and help prevent against peeling.

Soltan Face contains a unique protection system called Optisol, which is a revolutionary, new, milder form of titanium dioxide, which not only enhances UVA and UVB protection, but also reduces free radical damage, whilst preventing breakdown of the product by Sunlight.

With grapeseed and Vitamin C and E to support the skins’ natural defenses and help prevent long-term sun damage, the Soltan Face products provide instant radiance.

The Soltan Adult range comprises Vitamin E, to help prevent long-term skin damage and support the skins’ natural defences, whilst providing 12-hours moisturisation to reduce dryness and help prevent peeling.

Specially formulated for children’s vulnerable skin, the Soltan Kid’s range is water and sand resistant comprising lotions, sprays and takeaway pouches.

Soltan Sensitive helps protect against UVA to prevent sun allergies. This range, comprising gentle, easily absorbed lotions is hypoallergenic, fragrance free and dermatologically tested.

The Soltan After Sun range is focused on soothing, cooling and continuous moisturisation. Products within the range currently encompass all these properties as well as including an element of pampering.

Soltan is currently available at all Boots stores across Dubai. To help you stay safe and protected, Boots is offering a buy one get one free promotion all summer long. – TradeArabia News Service

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