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70pc hair-loss patients 'treated without diagnosis'

Dubai, December 28, 2011

More than 70 percent of hair loss sufferers in the UAE have opted for some type of treatment without medical diagnosis, according to a recent study.

Those using treatment without a doctor’s prescription can face severe dermatologic infections that demand long term medical treatment. The consequences of using the wrong treatment is most of the time stress, disappointment, frustration and a considerable amount of money totally wasted, said the study done by the UAE branch of DHI, one of the world’s largest medical organisations for hair restoration.

Dr Dimitrios Ziakas, general manager, DHI, Al Burj Medical Center, Dubai, said:  “We should have proper evaluation and diagnosis of hair loss before undergoing any hair transplant procedure. It is as crucial as doing a blood test before surgery. Doctors in the UAE shouldn’t underestimate the importance of right diagnosis. Even if patients don’t ask for proper diagnosis, it is the doctor’s duty as the health of patient is at risk.”

On average, people lose 100 to 150 hairs daily. Most of this hair loss is due to the transition from the telogen to the anagen phase. New hair continues to grow as long as the follicles remain healthy and intact. 

“During diagnostic appointment, doctors are supposed to pinpoint the exact cause of patient’s hair loss by using the Alopecia Hair Loss Test,” he said.

There are many factors that can contribute to hair loss, including scalp bacteria, stress, poor nutrition, genetic baldness and hormonal imbalance. Although hair loss may be caused by any combination of these factors, genetic pattern baldness is by far the most dominant factor, accounting for nearly 95 percent of all hair loss in men, and affecting millions of women worldwide.

“Though male pattern baldness is treatable, because it is genetically predetermined, it cannot be prevented. The DHI total care system can completely bypass the genetic factors by implanting hairs that have not been ‘genetically programmed’ to stop at the Telogen phase,” Dr Ziakas added.

“At DHI we use the DHI Alopecia Test as a new diagnostic tool which allows our experts to analyse and diagnose the current condition of our patients’ hair loss, by measuring each hair follicle separately and establishing how many hairs are in anagen or telogen face at the moment. When combined with medical history and a proper medical examination of the scalp, it can lead to the proper diagnosis of patients’ hair loss problem,” he said.

In UAE, people are often worried about their altered appearance due to hair loss regardless of profession, financial or social status.

DHI Global has dedicated 40 years of research and testing that qualifies them to produce lifetime results.

The operation is a simple, natural, pain-free procedure with no incisions or scars, unlike other old technologies such as the strip technology that involves cutting through skin and removing a strip of it which potentially damages major blood vessels of the scalp. – TradeArabia News Service

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