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80pc of thinking ‘unconscious’

Dubai, May 8, 2012

The unconscious mind is the driver of human action, said a leading learning consultant, adding that whatever is happening in one’s life right now is the result of the unconscious mind.

Carol Talbot, a Dubai-based fire starter, suggests that the conscious mind is the goal setter and the unconscious mind that is the goal getter. “We are wired to produce results based on our thoughts and what we focus on,” she said.

“But, as much as 80 per cent of your thoughts happen unconsciously. This means that if you want to learn something new, behave differently or change, it is the unconscious mind that does all that for you.”

She explained that becoming aware of our patterns of thinking, behavior and feeling gives us the ability to make swift and lasting changes.

“Thoughts can either help or sabotage. Indeed, research reveals that we have over 60,000 thoughts per day, most of which are repetitive. However, a whopping 77 per cent are negative, counterproductive or could work against us, as the unconscious mind responds to what we feed it.”

Talbot acknowledged that to constructively control our unconscious mind we need to first be really clear on what we want, as our focus influences a greater reality.

“Pay attention to what you want and begin to erase the old, negative and counter-productive dream stoppers that can hinder your success. Replace them with healthy, new and positive beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

“Transformation happens within; success begins with what you choose to do inside your head. Winners tap into their internal fire, recognise patterns of success and are aware of their thoughts that bare results,” she concluded.

Talbot is considered by some to be the region’s leading Master NLP Expert. She has worked with more than 20,000 people across multiple sectors over her twenty year career.

Her book “Hitting the Wall…..and breaking through” explains how to tap within and find new forward-thinking ways to experience life differently and effectively. – TradeArabia News Service

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