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Dubai Cord Blood Centre holds felicitation event

Dubai, January 9, 2013

The Dubai Cord Blood and Research Centre (DCRC) today held a felicitation ceremony to appreciate mothers who saved or donated their cord blood.

The ceremony also included appreciating nurses from Latifa and Dubai hospital and doctors from the private sector who collected high quality and quantity of cord blood units, a statement from the centre said.

Dr Ali Redha, director of genetic and pathology department at the DHA, said: “Cord blood is really unique because you can collect it, save it and use it years later.”

“Today it is used in transplantation procedures for patients who suffer from eighty life-threatening diseases including wide range of cancers, immune system deficiencies, blood disorders and rare genetic disorders. Given the amount of research going on globally, in another 10 to 15 years, cord blood will be able to provide treatment for a large number of diseases.”

Dr Mahmoud Al Ali, acting director of Dubai Cord Blood and Research Centre, said: “It is important that people understand the concept of cord blood banking. People save money for a rainy day; saving cord blood is the same concept. Years later, it can be used to treat individuals, should they need it.”

“Presently the centre has stored 3,000 units of cord blood and six units were used for transplantation. The units were used for transplantation procedures for patients suffering from diseases such as thalassemia and leukemia.”

Of the six units used for successful transplantation, one of them was used for a 5-year-old girl who suffered from thalassemia, the statement said.

The cord blood collected at the time of birth of her younger brother proved to be a match and in 2012 she went to UK for transplantation. “Today she is free of thalassemia. Prior to this procedure, she had to undergo regular blood transfusions,” said Al Ali.

Fatma Al Hashimi, head of education and development unit at DCRC, said: “Our aim is to raise awareness of the health benefits of saving cord blood. In 2012, since the establishment of this education department at DCRC, we collected 700 units, which is almost double the number of units collected in 2011. This shows the direct impact of health education.”

“In 2013, the DCRC will continue several awareness campaigns to educate women and provide further provide training for nurses on how to collect cord blood.”

Dr Moza Al Shahran, head of the DHA’s Women Committee, said: “This year, we will include education about cord blood banking during all our awareness campaigns which are specifically designed for women.” – TradeArabia News Service

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