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Oman plans $1.3bn healthcare spending

Muscat, June 25, 2014

Oman has set aside $3.38 billion in its 2014 healthcare budget, more than double the $1.3 billion spent last year, in part to sharpen its focus on combating non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity, said a report.

Oman has significantly increased state spending on healthcare in recent years, although it has also encouraged the private sector to take on a greater role, particularly in developing specialised facilities and preventive treatments, said the Muscat Daily, citing a country report.

"The efforts have been strengthened by a shift in attitude among Omanis, who are now opting, in growing numbers, to use private medical services that were once almost exclusively the domain of expatriates," it added.

According to the Oxford Business Group's country report, a two-pronged approach to tackle the rise of lifestyle diseases in Oman and broaden the range of medical facilities available locally has put the Sultanate's healthcare services on course for rapid growth.

"The country will also benefit from two new, dedicated health hubs, which are set to significantly increase hospital bed numbers and expand the range of treatments available," stated the report.

One of the centres, which is expected to open in Muscat around 2020, will make available five new hospitals, alongside a range of additional facilities. A second initiative - the $1 billion International Medical City - is being developed in Salalah by the Apex Medical Group, it added.

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