Thursday 25 April 2019

UAE group launches innovative health screening platform

DUBAI, November 25, 2018

Spotcheck, a UAE-based company, has launched an innovative preventative health screening and wellness eco-system which is designed to detect lifestyle related health concerns at an early stage and provide a path to wellness using a recommended fitness and nutrition program.

The Spotcheck eco-system incorporates a non-invasive health assessment kiosk and the digital platform Enhapp, which provides the user with personalised, condition specific wellness programmes including fitness routines, meal programs, engagement with lifestyle coaches and tele-consulting sessions.

The kiosk uses FDA and CE approved health assessment technology and has won high acclaim and awards for its innovation within the medical technology arena, said the company in a statement.

It is being introduced to corporate and government organizations that have a strong internal focus on employee wellbeing. The platform allows the employee to participate in corporate wellness challenges, connect with lifestyle coaches, peers and follow the path to wellness through the recommended programs.

Spotcheck was co-founded by Dr Manoj Menon, who has over 27 years’ experience and expertise in strategic information technology planning with special emphasis on the healthcare sector.

In his opinion, men will benefit massively from being screened in the workplace at least four times a year, and by following the recommended nutrition and exercise programs accessed via Enhapp.  

The journey of the user starts with a simple 8-minute health assessment where the user is comfortably seated, said the B2B2C wellness company.
The kiosk uses the harmless Near-infrared Light Technology to assess 30 health parameters including stress analysis, fatigue index, hydration level, heart rate variability and vascular health analysis, it added.  

"The Spotcheck screening process is designed keeping the users in mind. It’s non-invasive and accurate. The method of assessing body composition is based on the principles of light absorption, reflectance, and near-infrared spectroscopy," explained Dr Menon.

"This approach differs very significantly from the bio-electrical impedance (BIA) analysis, mostly used by competing service providers. BIA accuracy rate reduces significantly with common factors like time of the last food intake, last consumption of alcohol, hydration level during the assessment, last workout time and women’s menstrual cycle," he stated.

"Furthermore, BIA should be avoided by users with pacemakers and internal heart defibrillators," he added.

Dr Menon said the company was working closely with the Wellness and HR Managers of organisations to build a sustained wellness programme for their employees.

Considering an individual’s data privacy, the platform provides an aggregate corporate health analysis, highlighting top health concerns, hydration levels and other metrics which leads to the overall corporate health score, he explained.   

"Corporates see the obvious benefits in boosting the wellness of the employees and reducing cases of absenteeism and ill health, while employees are encouraged knowing that their employer is investing in their ongoing health regimes," stated Dr Menon.

"Our technology team, along with in-house medical experts are continuously working towards improving the quality of the information and the user experience. Our aim is to be the leading wellness eco-system provider in this region and to gradually go global," he added.-TradeArabia News Service

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