Sunday 24 October 2021

Arab Water Forum offers game-changing solutions for water scarcity

DUBAI, 26 days ago

The 5th Arab Water Forum ended on a high note offering cost-effective solution to water scarcity in the region including a landmark technological breakthrough, producing cost-effective pure drinking water – both on commercial and industrial scale – from atmosphere.
The three-day event saw experts unveil a 'game-changing' solution to tackle the region's water scarcity, a crucial age-old life-threatening problem, in front of more than 600 delegates, officials, water experts, policy-makers and government ministers of a number of Arab countries.
All those industry experts and government officials who had been seeking a cost-effective solution to rising problem of water scarcity, were witness to the live demonstration of the process of producing water from thin air and the opportunity to taste the water as well, said the organisers.
This could eliminate the use of bottled mineral and desalinated water, thus reducing energy usage and carbon footprint, they stated.
The air-to-water technology comes at the right time to protect life on planet – by offering a cost-effective alternative solution to water scarcity. The atmosphere holds six times more water than the combined water flow in all the rivers in the world – that could provide the cost-effective solution to growing water scarcity.
Five companies that showcased the air-to-water technology and the water producing machines at the forum, said, the technology has the power and capacity to provide enough clean drinking water to serve the needs of the world’s 7.5 billion people – in a sustainable manner, they added.
"With six times more water in the atmosphere than all the world’s rivers combined, our goal is to help solve the world’s water scarcity and security challenges by accessing Earth’s greatest untapped water source - the atmosphere - to sustainably advance humanity and ensure communities have access to safe, clean drinking water and sanitation facilities," remarked Roheen Berry, the CEO of Beyond Water.
"In the Middle East and Africa region, where water security regularly tops government agendas alongside food security and industrial growth – all of which demand high water usage – we are in a unique position to make real change via scalable anywhere-anytime solutions which can change the lives of countless communities across the region, improve the environment, and foster new employment opportunities in a diverse array of sectors," stated Berry.
Currently 783 million people worldwide do not have access to clean water - equating to approximately one in 10 people globally – according to the World Health Organisation. 
With climate change, this number is going to increase drastically. Within a decade from now, it is believed that 50 percent of the world's population will live in areas without access to clean, fresh, and safe drinking water.
"It is the best Arab Water Forum that I have seen and the best managed event, including the panel discussions as well as the exhibition where latest technologies and innovations are displayed, especially the air-to-water technology that can solve the water scarcity problem in the Arab World," remarked Prof Dr Mahmoud Abu Zeid, President of the Arab Water Council.
"I am sure the government officials of the Arab countries participating at this event will take note of the innovative solutions and implement them in their countries," he stated. 
The 5th Arab Water Forum, therefore ended on a high note offering a game-changing solution to a crucial age-old life-threatening problem in front of more than 600 delegates, officials, water experts, policy-makers and government ministers of a number of Arab countries – who have been seeking a cost-effective solution to increasing water scarcity in the Arab World.
The air-to-water technology, which has been under experimentation for more than 20 years, has now been perfected through research and development in many parts of the world from India to the United States. Water produced from the atmosphere now not only costs less than the desalinated or bottled waters, it is now available for home use, office use and industrial use.
Noel Greenway, Managing Partner, Great Minds Event Management, says, “The commercial and industrial-scale availability of drinkable air or air-to-water technology makes the Forum a landmark conference in its history and we are happy to see that it happened here in Dubai now that makes the event more significant and historic.
“The 5th Arab Water Forum has provided the answer that the leaders and experts in the Arab World has been looking for – making it the most memorable edition in its history. If the policy-makers undertake the right initiatives to implement this technology at the country level, it will change our future, ensure water security, food security, reduce energy and make life sustainable,” he added.
More than 600 delegates and participants from 22 Arab countries have reiterated their strong commitment to water security for peace and sustainable development in the Arab World at the three-day triennial Arab Water Forum.
Exhibitors and sponsors expressed their happiness with the exposure and attention at the Arab Water Forum.
Rahul Mathur, CEO of International Operations at Airowater, said, “This is our first-time participation at such an event and we are happy with the outcome. The forum was well organised and we are very happy with the exposure we received and the awareness that we created on our products and services at the event.”


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