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ImmerVision unveils smallest panoramic lens

Montreal, July 14, 2014

ImmerVision, a North American panoramic imaging innovator, has unveiled its new 3.8 mm panomorph (patented wide-angle panoramic) lens, which is the world’s smallest and is designed to be fully integrated into the most compact mobile phone or wearable device.
The lens is capable of delivering a distortion-free 360° x 182° view without having to pan the camera, said a statement. 
Using advanced, patented optics and specialised algorithms, it maximises the view on virtually any mobile or portable device to a full 360-degree. It also offers full compatibility with ImmerVision Enables standard, which other wide-angle and fish-eye lenses suffer from.
Pascale Nini, president and CEO, said: “If Ellen DeGeneres had a phone with this technology, her famous Oscars selfie would have captured a much wider, clearer, and more natural shot — without any distortion or need to extend the mobile phone more than a few inches from her body.
“Imagine the implications for upgrading the world’s visual communication habits and ability to visualise life, such as capturing travel landscapes, events on the go, video-chat, house hunting, conferencing and much more. The proprietary technology automatically captures an immersive experience - regardless of media type or platform on which it is captured or published.” 
ImmerVision Enables certified devices, apps and accessories will offer seamless intercommunications and will also include compatibility with any ImmerVision Enables devices and software, as well as major platforms including iOS, Android and Microsoft. 
This 360-degree viewing functionality is also available to developers and manufacturers who are interested in integrating the panomorph technology into their products and solutions. 
Lens and module manufacturer Kolen was the first to be licensed by ImmerVision to produce this world’s smallest lens. The company plans product availability by the end of the summer, said its president Jong Jing Lee. 
“As a state-of-the-art leader in manufacturing lenses for mobile phones and other portable devices, Kolen is excited to be among the first to bring this ground-breaking technology to market and offer it for immediate delivery to all its clients. Moreover, Kolen believes this is a game changer, capable of revolutionising our communication habits and furthering the communications experience across multiple platforms.” - TradeArabia News Service

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