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Departing planes noise could be converted and used as power

Noise by planes could generate energy

US, September 22, 2015

The noise produced by departing planes could possibly be converted and used as a power source, according to a US patent application filed by a researcher from the Boeing Company.

Chin H Toh of Boeing, earlier this week described a method for using the energy from acoustic waves made by jet engines to power a turbine and generate electricity, said a news report in The Register.

The patent filing explained that acoustic wave collectors mounted along the runway collect the acoustic energy and direct such acoustic energy to an associated acoustic converter assembly.

A vibrating element is mounted within a housing of the acoustic converter assembly, and the element moves in response to the acoustic energy. This movement draws air into the housing below the vibrating element and then forces the air downward to form an output air flow, it further said

The filing also suggested that the acoustic collectors could be placed alongside runways, and the generated power fed into a substation.

The filing does not estimate just how much power could possibly be generated by such an array, added the report.

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