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A Sayyad-2 missile. Image: Drhosseini/

Iran launches new missiles production

TEHRAN, July 23, 2017

Iran has launched the mass production line and delivery of Sayyad-3 missiles, designed and constructed by the Iranian scientists and experts, said a report.

Iran’s Defence Minister General Hossein Dehghan said Sayyad-3 high-altitude air-defense missile has been designed with a range of 120 km and a 27-km flight altitude against airborne threats at medium and long range, accoring to the Mehr News agency report.

It said a number of Sayyad-3 missiles have already been delivered to Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base.

“Sayyad-3 is designed based on the latest technologies in the world and is capable of fighting with various types of threats, including drones, stealth aircrafts, cruise missiles, helicopters, and various types of other aircrafts with high maneuver, speed and altitude in their operational range,” Dehghan noted.

The missile can track 30 targets and engage 12 of them simultaneously. The system is integrated into the early warning radars operating at the strategic level to maintain a situational picture of the entire airspace, and employs a locally manufactured fire control radar, he added.

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