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Pundi X launches blockchain-powered phone

DUBAI, October 10, 2018

Pundi X, a leading global developer of blockchain-powered devices, has created a blockchain-based OS and communication protocol for mobile devices, allowing users to make calls, send messages and transmit data via a fully decentralised blockchain network.

Powered by Function X, an ecosystem built entirely on and for blockchain, the new mobile phone called 'XPhone' runs on a new transmission protocol for the blockchain age, said a statement.

The innovation significantly expands the use of blockchain technology beyond financial transfers, it said.

Unlike other 'blockchain powered' phones still in development, XPhone can operate independently of centralised carriers. Users can route phone calls and messages via blockchain nodes without the need for phone numbers, it added.

Function X, the new blockchain eco-system, also enables users to securely send and receive data of all kinds, via a new transmission protocol, FXTP, while a decentralised file storage system is known as IPFX. Users will be able to share data in much the same way as they do online securely via the blockchain, while developers can quickly and easily publish decentralised applications via FXTP.

Pitt Huang, co-founder and chief technology officer of Pundi X, said: “Our company develops technology to solve challenges that blockchain technology is facing and make it usable in our life.”
“It took decades before the uses of the internet could be applied widely enough to reshape the global economy, human relationships and governance,” he said.

“We see blockchain as being at a similar stage of development to the Internet in the early '90s; a new kind of network and decentralized protocol like Function X will be transformational to blockchain as the browser was to the Internet. For a start, it's putting blockchain in the hands of millions via a smartphone and returning control of their data back to them, but it also answers so many other challenges,” he added.

“The possibilities for decentralised data storage and transmission are limitless. Decentralisation is the core of blockchain technology and a new protocol for truly decentralised data transmission reflects Pundi X's belief that everything should flow from this core philosophy,” he continued.

Pundi X chief executive officer and co-founder Zac Cheah said that the XPhone has the potential to establish a large global pool of nodes that can be harnessed to help achieve scalability and decentralisation for the broader blockchain ecosystem.

“Scalability in blockchain is derived from the number and geographic spread of nodes,” Zac Cheah. “While certain blockchains such as Ethereum have achieved an admirable spread of nodes at 15,000 through transaction-based protocols, it's clear that achieving a critical mass in terms of scale will require something with utility for the vast majority.”

“Function X is the answer. By offering people the choice to be independent of a centralised communications network we've created a new use for blockchain that can be appreciated and used by most people,” he said.

“In turn this will have considerable implications for the future of blockchain and give life to a network large enough to support better scale, throughput, new potential applications and true decentralisation that has so far eluded blockchain,” he added.

Trial demo units of the XPhone have been displayed to journalists and attendees at the XBlockchain Summit Inaya Putri Bali, Indonesia.

Blockchain-based calling and messaging can be toggled on and off on the phone operating system, which builds upon Android 9.0.

The XPhone OS is currently available to phone manufacturers for testing, it stated. – TradeArabia News Service

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