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Majority in Abu Dhabi 'feel life will return to normal this year'

ABU DHABI, July 30, 2020

Fifty-seven percent of respondents in an Abu Dhabi survey felt that life will return to normal in the UAE capital this year, while 14 percent expected that life will return to normal in mid-2021, while  29 percent were undecided.
More than 47,000 people participated in the "life after coronavirus survey" conducted by the Department of Community Development (DCD). The survey was conducted to analyse the community's lifestyles, impacts and expectations post-pandemic, highlighting the most prominent challenges to benefit from this experience and ensure better planning for the future. 55 percent of the respondents were females and 45 percent males, said a Wam news agency report.
About 83 percent of the respondents said businesses and commercial activities will be more innovative post-pandemic and 82 percent confirmed that businesses would adopt a digital approach, and 81 percent said that digital solutions and online transactions would become the norm.
For job seekers, 63 percent expected that they will be able to secure a job, and 75 percent believed that working remotely would become a common post-pandemic.
Fifty-four percent of Abu Dhabi's parents said they would send their children back to schools once they reopen in September while keeping in mind the prevention and precaution measures, while 27 percent indicated that their decision depends on the circumstances, and 19 percent prefer to continue with the education remotely.
Eighty percent believed technology contributed to improving the quality of life and 76 percent were able to figure out new high-tech products by themselves, the survey said.
Ninety-two percent of participants confirmed that they are fully confident of the government entities and the response of authorities and their ability in dealing with the pandemic.
Dr Muna Al Bahar, Advisor to the Chairman of DCD, stated: "The life after coronavirus survey is a series of surveys and studies the DCD launched to analyse the impacts and the effects of the pandemic on the families and the community, DCD has relied on a scientific tool in conducting studies that can determine future challenges inline with the current circumstances, to escalate them to decision-makers to ensure future anticipation and provision of better life quality."
Al Bahar added: "The final results indicated the awareness of the future expectations while benefitting from the pandemic experience. Abu Dhabi has achieved many proactive measures to provide a safe and dignified life for all, and today we are moving to a new phase of awareness to ensure the smooth, gradual return to normal life. We must think ahead about the future, challenges and create plans to perceive the future."


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