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Palm banks on 'Centro' phone, eyes 2009

New York, February 21, 2008

Palm is counting on solid sales and expanded distribution of its entry-level Centro smartphone to buoy the company until it debuts long awaited redesigned models in 2009, a senior executive said.

Sales of the Centro, introduced late last year with Sprint Nextel Corp, have so far exceeded expectations, striking a chord with female and young shoppers who are buying their first smartphone, according to Brodie Keast, senior vice president of marketing at Palm.

But he admits that strength in the tiny $99 phone, which this week was made available to AT&T customers, contrasts with the lackluster performance of other products from Palm, the pioneering maker of handheld computers and touch-screen Treo phones.

"We are definitely growing that (Centro) business. What makes it hard to see is that we still have a legacy handheld (computer business) but it's in decline," Keast said in an interview.-Reuters

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