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Fake CD resellers face action

Riyadh, July 5, 2007

Imation, a leader in removable data storage media, is taking legal action against two resellers for selling counterfeit products in Saudi Arabia.

The company's decision came after the Inspectors from the department of prevention of commercial deceit in Saudi Arabia raided two stores in Riyadh and their respective warehouses and seized over 98,000 fake CDs and DVDs.

The company thanked the authorities in the department of prevention of commercial deceit in Saudi Arabia as well as the anti fraud department at the ministry of trade for their co-operation and their initiative in protecting the Imation brand name.

“We have repeatedly warned resellers that we would take strong legal action against anyone selling unauthorised and counterfeit products. We do not have a huge problem in the region but there are some resellers that continue to ignore these warnings and make it necessary for us to take legal action,' said Riyaz Abdulla, regional manager, Imation Middle East and English-speaking East Africa (MEEA).

'We have to not only protect our brand but also support our legitimate channel and customers who rely on Imation quality,' Abdulla said.

The raid was conducted by an inspector from the Anti fraud department at the ministry of trade in Saudi Arabia.

The raid was initially targeted at one store but it was later extended to a nearby shop which was found displaying similar fake CDs for sale. 

The Inspector decided to extend the raid to include this shop thus netting a further 20,000 CDs. A salesperson at the second store ran away from the shop when questioned by the Inspector about the suspect goods, he added. 

In the intial probe, it was found that the fake CDs and DVDs originated from China.

Ashley Hill, representing Imation's lawyers, Denton Wilde Sapte, said the company was pleased with the outcome of the raids.

'Imation take protection of their brand, product quality and good name in the marketplace very seriously.  Manufacturers and suppliers of counterfeit Imation goods can expect continued legal action against them going forward.'

The authorities in Saudi Arabia are stepping up the fight against counterfeit CDs and DVDs, warning perpetrators that it would be taking serious action against all involved in counterfeiting.

The authorities have asked consumers and other retailers to report the sale of counterfeit goods on the toll-free number in Saudi Arabia, 800 1241616.

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