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EP45-Extreme series motherboard launched

Dubai, July 30, 2008

Golden Systems Electronics, Gigabyte’s sole distributor in the GCC, has launched the highly anticipated EP45-Extreme series of motherboards that target the extreme overclocking segment of the motherboard market.

The series currently consists of the GA-EP45T-Extreme for DDR3 users and the GA-EP45-Extreme for those who still prefer using DDR2 memory; both motherboards are based on Intel’s latest P45 Express chipset.

Designed for extreme overclocking performance, the EP45-Extreme series of motherboards support Intel multi-core processors up to FSB 1600MHz, including the latest Intel 45nm processors.

Other high bandwidth features include support for ATI CrossFireX Technology with 2 PCI Express 2.0 x 8 interfaces and dual LAN with teaming functionality for ultra bandwidth for gaming servers.

Hybrid Silent-Pipe Delivering Maximum Cooling From Both Air and Water Cooling
Gigabyte’s unique Hybrid Silent-Pipe slot cooling system utilises the natural convection of air inside and outside the chassis to dramatically and noiselessly cool down the North Bridge, South Bridge and CPU Mosfets without the use of a fan.

The Gigabyte Hybrid Silent-Pipe can also be used with water block cooling systems for additional enhanced thermal performance, or alternatively it can be totally removed by experienced overclockers who wish to use a copper pot with dry ice or LN2 extreme cooling on the North Bridge.

Catering to the overclockers’ infinite need for system information, the EP45-Extreme boards incorporate an 80 Port Debug LED, overclocking alert LEDs, overvoltage alert LEDs and also temperature alert LEDs.

There are five blue overclocking alert LEDs that indicate from a minimal overclock with only one LED burning to a high overclock with five LEDs burning.

There are three overvoltage alert LEDs that indicate a slight overvolt when the green one burns, a moderate overvolt when the yellow one burns and a high overvolt when the red one burns.

Finally, there are two temperature LEDs that burn green when the CPU and North Bridge area temperature is between 61oC and 80oC and red when the area is above 80oC.

The Gigabyte EP45-Extreme motherboards also include Hardware Overvoltage Control ICs that provide more voltage control options than before for the CPU North Bridge and memory.

The overvoltage controllers also provide hardware linear real-time voltage control, which means there is no delay compared to the GPIO controller in past implementations.

In addition, Gigabyte’s Hardware Overvoltage Controller ICs also allow for much finer voltage control, allowing power users to adjust voltage in smaller increments of as little as 20mV (or 0.002V) for better overclocking and tweaking.

The EP45 Extreme series of motherboards from GIGABYTE are equipped with a 12 + 2 + 2 Phase power design for the CPU VRM, North Bridge and memory, offering overclockers a more stable supply of power that can ultimately help to achieve higher CPU and memory frequencies with better performance.

Compared with only one phase solutions, this ensures longer power component lifespan and higher overclockability due to cooler working temperatures and better efficiency.

Gigabyte has once again proven itself as the industry leader in energy saving technology with the recently introduced Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced that allows for even more power efficiency from high-performance motherboards due to improved algorithms that provide more accurate power saving calculations.

Additionally, Gigabyte Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced is the world’s only motherboard energy saving technology with hardware-based Dynamic 6-Gear Switching that dynamically powers on or off the CPU power phases as the CPU loading varies.

With support for VRD 11.1, Gigabyte’s DES Advanced allows the motherboard to drop down to only one power phas

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