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Arbor unveils new security analytics solution

Dubai, April 1, 2014

Arbor Networks, a leading provider of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and advanced threat protection solutions for enterprise and service provider networks, has unveiled the ‘Pravail Security Analytics’ for advanced threat detection, incident response and security forensics. 
The technology delivering this solution was developed by Packetloop, a Australian innovator in the field of big data security analytics that was acquired by Arbor in September.
Matthew Moynahan, president, said: “Arbor is able to offer enterprise security teams the richest set of data regarding the activities happening on their network. Pravail Security Analytics is a powerful solution that will allow our customers to see attacks on their global networks faster and in more detail than seen before.  
“We’re focused on bringing meaningful context to massive amounts of data so that security teams can focus on the critical few, react faster and identify the threats lurking within their network environment before they impact the business.”
The attack intelligence that keeps Pravail Security Analytics at the cutting edge of network security comes from Arbor’s Atlas Active Threat Level Analysis System. 
Atlas is a collaboration with nearly 300 service providers who share anonymous data with Arbor, up to 70TB/sec of global Internet traffic. This collective view delivers globally scoped insight into the attack landscape. 
The data set is analysed by Arbor’s security research team who then develop detection methodologies; and create fingerprints that identify threats and malicious activity occurring within the enterprise.
By analysing data very quickly, Pravail Security Analytics can be used for real-time attack response decisions, and by storing the data for future reviews, it can be looped to identify previously undetected attacks using the latest threat intelligence. 
John Grady, research manager for security products at IDC, said: “Organisations are looking for solutions that help them deal with the problem of advanced threats hidden within their networks."
"Arbor’s Pravail Security Analytics is a powerful platform for the security analyst, processing huge amounts of data and providing actionable intelligence through intuitive visualisations that reveal threats in both real-time and historical data sets. Arbor now has a unique combination of NetFlow, packet capture and global threat intelligence from their Atlas infrastructure to address today's dynamic threats that evade signature-based solutions,” he said.
An organisation can securely upload packet captures to Pravail Security Analytics in the cloud and be analysing their data within minutes of a threat being identified. 
For organisations that cannot upload their packet captures for compliance or regulatory reasons, Pravail Security Analytics can also be deployed as an on-premise solution using distributed collector appliances. 
The collector appliances can be used to scale out storage or processing capabilities for high speed capture points, or for deployment into multiple locations to provide distributed coverage.
The Pravail Security Analytics on-premise collection solution’s will be available from April 30. - TradeArabia News Service

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