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UAE illegals 'fleeing through Oman border'

Dubai, April 5, 2009

Hundreds of illegals, including housemaids and those wanted in fraud cases in the UAE, are fleeing the country to Yemen through Oman border to avoid the iris scan, that will prevent them from coming back, said a news report.

With the help of some agents these illegals flee the border on four-wheel drives to Salalah in Oman and from there they enter Yemen, the Gulf News reported citing a source.

He said they go through deserts from any emirate to reach Salalah which is the nearest area to Yemen on the border with the UAE.

'Their outings are dangerous. These agents who help the illegals to flee the country are armed while police and military forces on the border are chasing them which put their lives and the people who are travelling with them at risk,' he said.

'After reaching Salalah they head to Yemen,' the source said. He said they travel at night and it takes them one and a half days to reach Yemen.

According to him, most of the time, the agents dump the infiltrators in the desert after taking their money which is anywhere between Dh3,500 ($952) to Dh6,000 ($1633).

A police source told Gulf News that some people, who are wanted by police for bounced cheques, unpaid loans and other crimes, are also fleeing the country through the borders.

'Police in the country are hunting those who are aiding these illegal residents and the criminals, to flee the country,' he said.

Meanwhile, the police said the country's borders were being tightly monitored to prevent infiltration.

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