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Pocket book on trademark registration released

Dubai, July 8, 2010

Jitendra Consulting Group, which provides accounts, auditing, business consultancy, has come out with a pocket-book on trademark registration.

“The digital revolution has made the aspect of intellectual property complex and difficult to manage. Changing from country to country, the intricate laws of intellectual property can be difficult to comprehend,” said Jitendra Gianchandani, chairman and managing partner, Jitendra Consulting Group.

A slim volume of 64 pages, the ‘Trademark Registration Pocket Book Middle East 2010’ has been conceived, designed and published by Jitendra Intellectual Property, to make trademark procedures and concepts easy to understand.

“The ‘Trademark Registration Pocket Book Middle East 2010’ is an endeavor that intends to support the efforts of SMEs as well as large corporations in upholding and protect their intellectual property rights,” said Gianchandani, who has co-authored the pocket book along with Akhila Sreekumaran, legal consultant, Intellectual Property Services.

Understanding the process of owning a trade mark also helps businesses protect themselves against infringement of their mark, he said.

“Often the owner of a mark notices that the product or label is being copied or infringed. But legal action is possible only if the whole procedure of registering and owning the mark is completed and a final certificate of ownership is received. Until then, the owner can’t do anything against a competitor who is copying the product or mark,” said Gianchandani.

With the UAE Ministry of Economy intensifying efforts to eliminate the use of counterfeit goods and products, the pocket book becomes more significant as a means of supporting this campaign. Registering trademarks also becomes necessary to help customers and authorities distinguish original goods from counterfeits sold in the market.

“Many businesspersons assume that if they register the trademark in one country, it is protected in other countries. This is wrong. Each country has separate procedures and costs,” he said.

Jitendra Consulting Group intends to create similar information-packed pocket books on International Financial Reporting Standards and Anti Money Laundering, which will be released at the end of this year and the beginning of the next.-TradeArabia News Service

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