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Bahrain won't tolerate disloyalty, warns PM

Manama, April 10, 2011

People who tried to subvert national unity and tear the social fabric of Bahrain apart will be held to account, warned His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa last night.

There will be no impunity, he said as he paid surprise visits to several governorates.

He sent a message to those who sat on the fence and failed their nation in its time of adversity: 'We tell them the nation does not have a short memory and will never forget slackness and failure to stand by the country, when it needed them the most.'

The Premier said: 'The page will be turned, but not without holding accountable those who sought to subvert national unity, tear the social fabric apart and damage the nation.

'What they did to harm their country and undermine its achievements and defame its image just can't be forgotten.'

He praised all loyal citizens for their patriotism, patience and their sense of responsibility to protect hard-won national achievements.

He thanked all those 'who stood by Bahrain in times of adversity, whether citizens, brothers and friends'.

He praised their keenness to ensure that national economy is set back in motion and help the government provide daily needs, particularly goods and services.

'We will never forget the patriotic stance of these loyal citizens,' he said.

'The spirit of responsibility, patriotism, love, loyalty and fidelity have inspired a lot of citizens to volunteer and protect hard-won national achievements,' he pointed out.

He praised the patience of loyal citizens as others sought to disrupt daily life and bring the kingdom to a standstill and cripple its economy.

He stressed that the government's firm resolve to continue the march of construction.

He pointed out that people in Bahrain had rejected extremism and backed the government's measures to restore stability in the kingdom.

He also assured all loyal citizens that the kingdom had emerged stronger than ever.

The Premier was reassured by officials that services are now back to normal and citizens' needs are being met. Citizens thanked him for his keenness to personally ensure their welfare. - TradeArabia News Service

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