Friday 20 April 2018

Kuwait assembly calls for arming Syria rebels

Kuwait, March 1, 2012

Kuwait's parliament called on Thursday for arms to be sent to Syrian rebels, adding to pressure in some Arab states for action to help topple the Iranian-backed president, Bashar al-Assad.

The legislature, which like those in other Gulf monarchies has few powers, voted overwhelmingly to recommend the government help arm the Free Syrian Army - a policy also publicly favoured by leaders in Qatar and in regional heavyweight Saudi Arabia.

With Arab and Western opposition to Assad stalemated at the UN by, among others, Russia, a legislator said the Kuwaiti foreign minister told parliament he and counterparts from the Gulf  states would discuss Syria with Moscow's foreign minister in Saudi Arabia next Wednesday.

Commenting on the Kuwaiti parliamentary vote, another member, Ali al-Dekbafi, said: 'Parliament has issued a recommendation stating the urgency of cutting all ties with the Syrian government and supporting the Free Syrian Army. It called for the Syrian government to face international prosecution.'

While the Sunni Gulf monarchs have been alarmed by demands for democracy inspired by the popular revolts of the past year across the Arab world, they have also long been at odds with Shi'ite Iran, their non-Arab rival on the other side of the Gulf, and with Tehran's Arab ally, Alawite-ruled Syria.-Reuters

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