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GCC experts discuss key eGov issue

Manama, January 16, 2013

Top leaders of GCC eGovernment authorities discussed key issues including the exchange of expertise and knowledge and adoption of a guided strategy in the eGovernment sector at the 11th meeting of the GCC eGovernment Committee which began in Bahrain today (January 16)

The two-day meeting comes as part of Bahrain's eGovernment Authority's (eGA) objectives in supporting networks of co-operation and exchange of experience between the GCC countries.

The meeting aims to discuss the report of the Secretariat General that was presented to the council about the committees resolutions implemented during the former meeting held in Doha; along with the committee’s preparations for the next joint GCC events and the discussion of the Secretariat General’s memos in relation to a number of proposals and commission’s mandates.

The meeting was headed by the eGA’s chief executive officer Mohammad Ali Al Qaed.

Welcoming the heads and members of the GCC delegations, Bahrain Minister of Transportation Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed said the co-operation between the GCC agencies and organizations of all sectors was vital in the implementation of royal directives of the GCC country leaders through supporting, enhancing the joint of the GCC action and achieving the ambitions of the region’s nationals.  

In his opening speech, Al Qaed said Bahrain was committed to supporting all efforts, initiatives and the several aspects of joint action between several GCC organizations.

“We are working towards creating a climate for effective co-operation between GCC eGovernments, in addition to exchanging of expertise and knowledge in this field which will inevitably contribute in reformulating a vision that leads to enhanced joint action and co-operation, highlighting the necessary transition from the framework of agreements and meetings into a true action in order to raise the quality of eGovernment work and provide a better life for everyone,” Mr. Al Qaed stated in his opening speech.

“We should play a vital role in implementing the recommendations endorsed by our commission to serve the eGovernment programs in the GCC countries with their nationals,” he added.

The meeting explored the Secretariat General’s memorandum in regards to discussing and adopting a GCC guided strategy in the eGovernment sector, in addition to organizing a set of GCC events in the future.

Discussion also included the functions and mandates of the teamwork entrusted with the organization of the next sessions of the GCC eGovernment Conference and its exhibition, along with discussions of the memorandum about the preparations for the 3rd GCC eGovernment Conference, eGovernment Award, and the exhibition to be held in UAE in 2013, as well as the preparations for the 2nd meeting of the Ministerial Committee for GCC eGovernment.

During the meeting, a briefing was given on the latest developments of hosting the committee’s meeting in eGovernment.

It also discussed the Secretariat General’s memorandum regarding the United Nations Public Service Awards and conference to be held in the Kingdom and the GCC preparations to take part in the event.

The delegates elaborated the Secretariat General’s memorandum regarding the outcomes of expert workshops on the discussion of the indexes of UN Global eGovernment readiness report held last November where international experts - representing 17 nations - raised a number of suggestions to develop the UN eGovernment Index.

They also examined a number of suggestions raised by the Secretariat General’s memorandums, and the proposal submitted by the UAE about the GCC use of the domain (Arab) and (arb.) – which was reviewed and considered.

In line with the 11th GCC eGovernment Committee meeting, the eGA has arranged for a number of high level visits to several national entities in order to showcase their successful experiences and the latest trends in the ICT field.

The periodic meetings of the GCC eGovernment Committee were approved during the GCC Ministerial Council in its 118th session held in March 2011 in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, a permanent ministerial committee is to be formed concerned with eGovernment in the member states; in order to raise its recommendations to the Ministerial Council.-TradeArabia News Service

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