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GCC to deport 2,000 over Hizbollah-Iran links

Manama, March 9, 2013

The GCC countries intend to deport a first batch of over 2,000 Lebanese within few weeks over their links to Hizbollah and Iran's Welayat Al Faqih, a Kuwaiti newspaper said.

Quoting a diplomat, Al Seyassah said Lebanese groups linked to Michel Aoun, Hassan Nasrallah, the Syrian National Social Party and Waleed Jumblat would be denied hundreds of visas at GCC embassies abroad.

According to a diplomat based in Abu Dhabi, GCC interior ministers and security officials are now drawing up separate lists of Lebanese who are deemed persona non grata, reported the Gulf Daily News, our sister publication, citing the report.

The crackdown would include the supporters of the Free National Movement led by Michel Aoun and Amal Movement, chaired by parliament speaker Nabeeh Berri.

Hundreds of Druze Lebanese, who are either working in the GCC countries or maintain trade, economic and financial ties with the Gulf will also be included for their allegiance to Waleed Jumblat and Talal Arslan.

Strict measures will also be taken against banks which are linked with these pro-Syrian and pro-Iranian Lebanese leaders.

Iran is using Shi'ite Lebanese migrants as fifth column to ignite sectarian-motivated wars and enable Tehran to expand its hegemony in the Sunni world in the Middle East.

The diplomat quoted a senior security official saying that thousands of Lebanese pro-Welayat Al Faqih Shi'ites and Christians linked to Michel Aoun would be declared persona non grata.

The GCC countries will continue banning their nationals from travelling to Lebanon until the pro-Syrian and pro-Iranian government led by Prime Minister Najib Miqati falls.

Lists will soon be published, banning Lebanese political figures from entering GCC countries for their hostility and interference in their internal affairs.

There is also talk in the GCC general secretariat to slash the number of flights bound to Lebanon by a half within the coming two months.

Qatar, the UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait are reportedly putting "enormous pressure" on the Arab League to convene a meeting late this month and freeze Lebanon's membership.

According to the same diplomat, the Arab states intend to ask the Lebanese president and prime minister to sack Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour who voiced pro-Assad stance in a recent ministerial meeting in Cairo.-TradeArabia News Service

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