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Bahrain terror acts 'work of a minority'

Manama, April 17, 2014

Acts of sabotage, terror and sporadic arson attacks are the work of a minority, His Majesty King Hamad said.
"When the media focuses on such acts it doesn't mean that all people are targeted," he said reported the Gulf Daily News (GDN), our sister publication.
Speaking to local editors-in-chief and Bahrain News Agency, His Majesty described the sporadic explosions and arson attacks as alien to Bahrainis, saying that the majority of citizens condemn such acts.
He paid tribute to Bahrainis for their keenness to help address problems, hailing their honourable patriotic stances.
He expressed confidence in the ability of Bahrainis to be united and overcome all challenges, praising their kindness, wisdom and thoughtfulness.
The King highlighted the fast global shifts and regional upheavals, saying that Bahrainis have all along their deep-rooted history overcome all adversities and braved challenges.
He urged people to learn how to deal with challenges, stressing Bahrainis' love of their motherland more than anything else.
The King expressed his optimism about the future, saying he finds delight in anything that brings Bahrainis together.
"We held all people together with constructive opinions and good words," he said, adding that kind-hearted Bahrainis reject any defamation or wrong done to others.
"We try our best to meet people on all occasions as our responsible and paternal duty is to reunite disunited people," he said, stressing the kingdom's long-standing reputation and people's solidarity and sublime ethics, being well-educated.
"The events we witness nowadays in some countries in the region are the result of rampant ignorance and poor educational standards," the King said.
He reiterated firm support for the freedom of opinion, which is stipulated in the constitution and laws.
"No one is punished for his opinion or act, unless held accountable with the force of the law which regulates such issues," he said.
"Our main advantage is that we don't operate with a partisan mindset, as we are for all," he said, highlighting his keenness to preserve national competences which serve Bahrain.
The King expressed optimism about the National Dialogue, saying he is sparing no effort in helping all parties prior to resuming talks.
He hailed the role of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Premier, in the national dialogue.
He pointed out that HRH the Crown Prince updated him on dialogue developments.
"No one is blocking the march of progress and development," His Majesty said, adding that he did not veto any of the 11 constitutional amendments endorsed so far.
The King hailed the patriotic stance of national and community leaders.
"Only leaders of such mettle can assume their responsible and patriotic duty in directing people and paving the way for a consensus," he said, expressing hope that they would work hard to narrow the gaps.
"We call on all people to join me in these efforts," he said, urging national leaders to help correct things and contribute to the success of the dialogue.
"I would be happier if all national and community leaders share this spirit so as to stand united and walk like one man to achieve our ultimate goal - building the nation," he said.
The King commended national competences, adding that some Bahraini pilots are working at Singaporean and Indian airlines in recognition of their expertise, describing them as a source of pride for their country.
He hailed Bahrain's long-standing heritage of tolerance and hospitality, attracting others to live on its land.
"No one has ever murdered another person for racial reasons," he said, pointing out that Bahrain has never been, throughout its long history, the scene of internecine infighting.
He commended citizens for heeding their country's vital interests, saying that no one is aligned to a particular ideology or doctrine to the detriment of Bahrain.
"Bahrainis have proved their mettle at defining moments, whether in 1970 when the UN dispatched its famous fact-finding mission, or in 2001 when they endorsed the National Action Charter with a sweeping majority," he said.
The King raised the issue of the forthcoming parliamentary elections, scheduled to be held later this year.
"We hear from all parties and respond whenever demands are convincing, agreed upon and come within appropriate conditions," he said.
Regarding civil rights, His Majesty said he will spare no effort to ensure effective separation of powers.
"The legislative authority passes laws without antagonising the government, which means that people are the source of power," he said.
The aim of power separation, he said, is to consolidate democracy further, paying tribute to MPs and Shura Council members.
He commended the crucial role of the press in bringing people together. 
"The national Press is the fourth estate and will always remain so for us," he said, stressing its role in enlightening minds and promoting consensus between diverging opinions.
He urged editors-in-chief to extend a helping hand, promote unity and build a bright future that loyal Bahrainis deserve, hailing columnists and journalists.
His Majesty expressed his pride at being a Bahraini and belonging to this land.
"Personally, I don't support being away and long to go back home," he said.
"Bahrain is the home and the place where I feel better than anywhere else in the world, for I am closer to my people," he said. 
"When I am away from Bahrain, I always feel homesick." - TradeArabia News Service

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