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Push to open art space for Bahrain’s public

Manama, April 29, 2012

Armed with a spray can and multi-coloured marker pens, a selection of Bahrain's top artists have got to work on a public wall, in a bid to encourage authorities to create an open art space for the public.

A two-day workshop was hosted by top US spray artist Caleb Alimboyoguen, who was on a week-long visit to Bahrain organised by the Culture Ministry and the US Embassy.

Selected artists of all ages and nationalities donned protective clothing and face masks as they took part in the event, which was held by the Arts Centre, next to Bahrain National Museum, with Mr Alimboyoguen on hand for any expert advice or assistance.

They created different images of peace, nature, portraits - some using stencils while others experimented with spraying free hand.

Twenty-five-year-old painter Mariam Al Umran joined the workshop in hope of learning new painting techniques.

"I have always painted with a brush, but this time I have tried for the first time painting on a wall using sprays and it's really fun," she said. "It needs more control which makes you learn more techniques than regular painting. What I love about this experience is that you get to exhibit your work once you are done and everybody gets to see it because it is on the wall. Unlike the canvas which you have to wait until there is kind of an art event or exhibition to show it to the public."

Al Umran was joined by 33-year-old professional artist Sayed Hassan Al Saari who has exhibited his work regionally and internationally.

"I have always done wall paintings but this time it is different because I am using sprays and it is more challenging," said the artist who was inspired by local heritage. "I think this workshop was a great chance for both amateurs who get introduced to a new world of painting and professionals who can be a source of experience and inspiration to others."

Wax and spray paint artist Aziz Al Kooheji enjoyed the experience so much that he used the time to take over two areas of the wall with his paintings.

"This was the first time that I have used spray paint on a wall and I really liked this activity and the people involved," said the artist, who has been approached by a school to give spray art classes to students.

"The art form is low-cost, fast and uses strong colours and I think people like this type of art in Bahrain, as you can paint so many different subjects as seen here."

Al Kooheji also has plans to develop a public space open to all artists in Bahrain.

"I think this should be encouraged more and there should be a place where spray artists can all meet together - I have a plan to bring international artists together to create a painting about peace on a large wall in spray paint," he said. – TradeArabia News Service

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