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Women 'driving social media industry success'

, March 6, 2014

Women not only use social media sites like Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest more often than men, but they use these sites in more ways, said a recent study.

During peak hours, almost 76 of online users on Facebook are actually women, and that they update their statuses on Twitter and Instagram way more often than men, said the study in

About 33 per cent of US women online access Pinterest, compared to only eight per cent of men, establishing the dominance of women in social media, said Alex Hillsburg, a web journalist with Financesonline.

Women lead the trend of accessing social media via mobile, with 46 per cent of them using their smartphones to check their social account versus 43 per cent for men.

Likewise, 32 per cent of women use a tablet versus 20 per cent of men for the same reason.

A Business Insider report pointed out that 60 per cent of social media time is spend on smartphones or tablets.

The current trend indicates that social media is now the top Internet activity, with Americans spending an average of 37 minutes daily on it  and more than half of them are women.

The study also found that women interact with brands more often and for a wider range of reasons and they consume and share news more frequently than men, who are likely stuck in news and sports websites.

The facts stated in the study included:
•    Women like discovering new things in lifestyle sites like Pinterest.
•    They are also more expressive when it comes to their thoughts as seen in the number of female users in Tumblr.
•    A good number of women find information on current affairs and various topics through online news.
•    When it comes to career sites however, men tend to browse more. - TradeArabia News Service

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