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Abu Dhabi launches drive to maintain appearance

ABU DHABI, August 12, 2017

Abu Dhabi has launched an awareness campaign aimed at promoting the cooperation of community members in spotting waste and eyesores marring the general appearance and the streets of Abu Dhabi Emirate.

The campaign, under the theme “Abu Dhabi Emaraty” was rolled out by the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport (DMAT) in collaboration with the Waste Management Center – Abu Dhabi (Tadweer) as part of the strategic partnership between the two parties.

Joint inspection tours were made covering residential districts and streets to detect elements and practices disfiguring the public appearance of Abu Dhabi. The campaign intended to sensitise community members about the importance of maintaining a clean living environment, and shunning the throwing or dumping of waste in other than designated places. The campaign has spotted wastes left in public and private places, streets, and alleyways between residential buildings and villas. Construction and demolition debris and various containers were also found piled there.

The waste includes green waste trees, plants and grass … etc. that were disposed near to containers, on pavements or public places. In addition, furniture, electronic supplies, dead or stray animals and demolition and construction waste.

Khalifa Mohammed Al Mazroui, Undersecretary of the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport, said that this campaign is launched as part of the strategic cooperation between DMAT and the Waste Management Center – Abu Dhabi (Tadweer). It adds to the joint efforts of improving the general appearance of Abu Dhabi Emirate, removing distorting elements, and raising the public awareness about the harmful effects of such blemishes.

He stressed the importance of protecting the Emiratescape and called on all community members to cooperate with DMAT, represented by its three municipalities, in providing a clean, safe, health and sustainable living environment offering the highest levels of security, welfare and happiness, and promoting the fine living style of Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Saeed Al Mohairbi, acting director general of Tadweer (Waste Management Center – Abu Dhabi), said, “Our cooperation with DMAT in this campaign is in line with our ongoing efforts aimed at nurturing a healthy and safe living environment in Abu Dhabi Emirate. Through this initiative, we are targeting community members in various residential neighbourhoods with the aim of relaying to them concepts relating to the proper disposal of waste. Such a move will, in turn, contribute to bringing up an educated community aware of the environmental and economic importance of kerbing, recycling and sorting out wastes at source, and accordingly transforming them into resources.”

“These awareness-raising efforts conform to our core values built on sustainability, the culture of change, excellence, innovation, social responsibility, empowerment and care; which contribute to realising the Plan and Vision of Abu Dhabi Emirate,” added Al Mohairbi.

Besides enhancing the standards of quality living and protecting the beautiful appearance of Abu Dhabi Emirate and streets, the campaign also aims to shed light on the environmental hazards associated with the dumping of waste in non-designated places. Such waste will undermine the quality of the living environment as well as the health and safety of the community.

These domestic wastes, which are often overlooked by the public, comprise of solid, liquid or gaseous items of different sorts. Some of these wastes are poisonous and hazardous to humans, animals and plants if not disposed of properly and safely. Moreover, many materials left in public and private places are combustible due to their inherent properties and contents or packing methods. – TradeArabia News Service

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