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Major Brazilian artists record music video in Dubai

DUBAI, November 17, 2019

Major Brazilian artists recently recorded a music video in Dubai, UAE, marking the Emirate as the stage for one of the most anticipated projects in the recent history of Brazilian popular music.

Sertanejo: Dubai to Brazil, the first audiovisual project by Brazilian singer, songwriter and producer, Danilo Dubaiano was filmed in Jumeirah against the backdrop of the world-famous Burj Al Arab, with entertainment and lifestyle media invited to enjoy some of the exclusive performances.

The show featured five leading acts of the Sertanejo genre, including Naiara Azevedo, Solange Almeida, Thaeme & Thiago, and Renato Vianna. Demonstrating the cross cultural aspect even further, they were joined by up and coming Syrian singer Wissam Hilal. It was organized by Art Village Design, a Brazilian company based in Dubai.

Música Sertaneja, or Sertanejo, is a style of music originating from the countryside of 1920s Brazil. The most popular type of music in Brazil since the early 2000s, it regularly tops the Brazilian charts, and is currently the single most played genre on radio stations, recently also having been granted its own Latin Grammy Awards category.

Dubaiano has longstanding personal and business ties with Dubai, being the owner of Dubaiano’s Studio, a professional recording studio located in the emirate. Hailing from Bahia, Brazil and born Danilo Santana, he took on the stage name “Dubaiano” to celebrate his cross-cultural links with Dubai.

He said that the location for the shoot was the only place he considered because it perfectly captured the essence of Dubai and highlighted the city’s culture and lifestyle.

“By showcasing the grandeur of the buildings of the UAE’s largest city, and the juxtaposition of one of the most luxurious places in the world being situated in the middle of the desert, Sertanejo: Dubai to Brazil will prove that music has no limits. We are on a cross-cultural journey that will take Dubai to Brazil – and vice versa,” he added.

“I very much admire the work of every one of the artists invited to collaborate with me on this project, each of whom have their particular talents and appeal. Naiara Azevedo it is one of greatest ambassadors of Sertanejo music, especially in that she lives in Goiania, which is known as the heartland of this style of music. Naiara’s music also gives strong messages about female empowerment,” Dubaiano said.

“Thaeme & Thiago bring a unique blend of female and male voices that I think gives their sound a special touch, and I chose a song for them that will be amazing to listen to and watch being performed. Solange Almeida represents the northeast of Brazil.

“I am from Bahia, and she from Ceara, and she will be performing a song I wrote in the north-eastern accent. There would be no better person to share the vocals on it with me. Renato Viana’s voice fascinates me. I always wanted to produce a song showcasing his talent and I am happy that he accepted my invitation.  Last, but not least, the addition of Wissam gives the event a Middle Eastern touch and celebrates the cross cultural aspect of the project. All these artists’ contributions make this project a dream come true for me,” he added.

The DVD will feature fifteen previously unreleased songs, all written by Dubaiano. Three of these tracks are a collaboration with Brazilian music producer, Ray Ferrari (also the producer of the DVD), and two with Brazilian composer Cristhyan Ribeiro.

Hailing from Itabuna, in the interior of Bahia, Danilo Santana is a singer, songwriter, and producer who has approximately 2 million views on his YouTube channel, Dubaiano’s Official. Recording and releasing songs solo and in collaboration with other artists, his music covers a range of genres including electronic, pop, R&B, funk, soul, MPB, Sertanejo, Forró, and Bachata.

“I love music in general. I have the virtue or defect of being quite eclectic. Dubaiano’s Studio gives me the freedom to tackle various genres and subject matters. Although I love a lot of different types of music, with this DVD we will focus exclusively on the Sertanejo style, which is a huge part of Brazilian culture now,” Santana said. – TradeArabia News Service


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