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Burger King's big offer

Dubai, July 1, 2007

This summer the shape-shifting Transformers are up for grabs at all Burger King restaurants across the UAE.

Children will be able to take home cool and funky toys based on the characters from the classic cartoon series turned major motion picture, Transformers, said a company official.

Transformers, a famous cartoon series recently made into a movie, tells the story about the young boy named Sam Witwicky, who discovers a map to Allspark, the source of life over which the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons wage a war.

These dueling alien races have brought their battle to Earth, leaving the future of mankind hanging in the balance. As the villainous Decepticons struggle to obtain the key to unlimited power, Sam stands as mankind's last hope for survival.

'The kids can see Transformers spring into action with the purchase of every delicious Kid’s Meal,' said Yasser Abdel Azim, director of marketing and business development for First Food Services, the Burger King franchisee in the UAE.

The line up of toys include “Prime Time,” “Mighty Megatron,” “Ready-to-Ride Ironhide,” “Rise-Up Ratchet,” “Bumblebee Transformer,” “Propeller-Launch Vortex,” “Flip-Out Scorponok” and “Battle-Damage Starscream.”

“We are thrilled we could be a part of the Transformers story and offer kids commemorative toys based on the dynamic set of characters,” Azim observed. TradeArabia News Service

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