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BootB in deal with top brands

Dubai:, November 27, 2007

BootB - the online ad agency - is in deal with several top brands including Auchan, Disney, Ferrero, Lego and Peugeot.

The traditional advertising and creative industry model today comes under threat with the launch of BootB (Brands out of the Box), the e-agency for unlimited creativity, the company said in a statement.

"It’s a shock to the agency world," said BootB chief executive officer Pier Ludovico Bancale. “For years, I was on client side, with L’Oreal, Johnson and Johnson and Colgate-Palmolive, and I was so frustrated with the lack of creativity which the typical agencies show. I have been speaking with brand owners all over the world, and I’m not alone in my frustrations - Everyone I have spoken to about BootB is excited about the launch – we’re bringing creativity from the world’s most brilliant minds - to the people who will value it most – it’s an idea whose time has come.”

Martin Lindstrom, internationally renowned branding expert and adviser to BootB, said brand owners will benefit from opening up channels to wider creative resources. 

He said the concept of ‘unlimited creativity,’ which comes from engaging the wider world and not just the experts within typical agencies, will unearth the best possible creative executions and deliver maximum impact for marketing budgets. 

“BootB brings creative talent and buyers together, bypassing obstacles to creative thinking and reaching across the world with, ‘out of the box’ thinking,” says Martin Lindstrom, internationally renowned branding expert and adviser to BootB.

“BootB gives new talent an audible voice, enabling clients and sellers to meet in unexplored territory. It’s the beginning of the end of established advertising agency models and introduces brands to powerful new dimensions,” he said.

“Anyone, anywhere with any sort of creative impulse is invited to respond to the creative briefs placed on BootB by major advertisers. Children and housewives in Marrakesh are as eligible as Ad execs on Madison Avenue. And the Ad agencies themselves are welcome too – if they’re not afraid of the competition from the man in the street,” the agency said in a statement.

The website, is the brainchild of Pier Ludovico Bancale:

“The world is full of creative people – especially children - but most of them have no outlet for their ideas. BootB gives individuals access to a lucrative market where they can win business from top brands.  The creative world, thanks to BootB, is now open for business.  Anyone, from inside the industry or from outside, can get involved. The BootB message to would-be creatives is Make Your Talent Fly,” said Bancale. – TradeArabia News Service

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