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Saudi, Norway back carbon capture for CDM

Oslo, February 18, 2008

Oil exporters Saudi Arabia and Norway will co-operate to get carbon capture and storage (CCS) - burying greenhouse gases - recognised as a way for rich countries to offset their emissions, a Norwegian daily reported.

CCS involves trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial processes, such as power generation from fossil fuels, and storing it underground or below the seabed. The technology is still in a pioneering phase and is not yet commercial.

Norway's aim is to get CCS projects included in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which gives investors in projects that cut greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries carbon credits that can be used to offset emissions elsewhere.

Saudi Arabia and the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) have supported developing CCS. Norwegian Oil and Energy Minister Aaslaug Haga asked for Saudi Arabia's support for CCS in meetings in Riyadh on Sunday with Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi.

'Both Saudi Arabia and Norway are concerned about the environment and want to reduce emissions with all possible means. CO2 capture and storage is an excellent way to reduce emissions,' Al-Naimi said, according to Monday's edition of Dagens Naeringsliv.

Haga told the newspaper: 'We had very, very useful discussions. I am delighted about the effort that Saudi Arabia will make in this area.' How CCS can be included within the CDM is still under discussion around the world, and some environmental groups and countries oppose inclusion as they say CCS detracts from developing renewable energy sources and boosting efficiency.-Reuters

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