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Starbucks offers cool summer break

Dubai, April 30, 2008

Starbucks Middle East has launched its seasonal campaign under the slogan ‘embark on a summer coffee journey,’ with the launch of two unique coffees - Muan Jai Blend and Peaberry Blend- to beat the summer.

Muan Jai, which translates to “whole-hearted happiness,” is a bold coffee made from washed Arabica coffees from Thailand and the Asia/Pacific region. Muan Jai Blend is balanced with a full body, medium acidity and an earthy spiciness in the finish.

Starbucks is also introducing its exotic Peaberry Blend, made with peaberries from Papua New Guinea - the most remote coffee-growing country Starbucks works with - and East Timor, said Antoun Abou Jaoude, marketing manager of Starbucks Middle East and Egypt.
A peaberry occurs when one of the two beans in a coffee cherry fails to develop. They occur on average of 5 to 10 per cent of the time in all coffee types and are more compact and dense, which gives them a more concentrated flavour and even roast.

Peaberry Blend is a complex, medium-bodied coffee with herbal undertones and a crisp, juicy acidity. The coffees in this blend are washed, emphasising the herbal qualities and the bright acidity.

"As temperatures rise across the Middle East, Starbucks invites you to take a break without leaving your neighbourhood, with summer flavours to refresh the spirit," Abou Jaoude noted.

"This summer, customers can indulge in sweet treats inspired by flavours from Latin America, such as Dulce de Leche Frappuccino blended coffee that’s known for its sophisticated artistry and smooth hand-made caramel decadence." 

“This indulgent beverage is a perfect combination of tradition and new experiences. It has been designed to reintroduce customers to the cold coffee experience at Starbucks,” said Abou Jaoude. “We aim to quench the thirst and satisfy the taste buds of our customers during the hottest season of the year.”

Known for its complementary food pairings, Starbucks will also introduce submarine sandwiches, offering a mixture of colds cuts seasoned with herb mayonnaise and topped with a crunchy summer vegetable, served in soft baguette-style sesame bread.

For customers with a sweet tooth, the Victoria Cake contains two flavours of mousse (chocolate and vanilla) sprayed with milk chocolate decor and dark chocolate coating. Equally satisfying is the Millionaire Bar, featuring a base of rich chocolate biscuit (Breton) and a thick layer of velvety Caramel topped with a buttery chocolate ganache.

In addition, Starbucks is introducing a new range of summer merchandise products that includes destination bearista bears, coffeehouse serve ware and summer fashion acrylic and ceramic serve ware to enable our customers to enjoy the coffee experience on the go.-TradeArabia News Service

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