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Maxis' Spore creatures run riot on internet

Dubai, June 26, 2008

Maxis, an Electronic Arts studio, on Thursday announced that fans have created and shared more than one million creatures using the Spore™ Creature Creator in the first week of availability. 

The internet has been invaded by walking pears, giant dragons, impossible-to-describe aliens and everything in between!, said an excited Maxis official. 

“Maxis is excited, humbled and inspired by the explosion of creativity that we’ve seen with the Spore Creature Creator online,” said Lucy Bradshaw, executive producer of Spore at Maxis. 

“I’m amazed at the creations I see getting uploaded to the Sporepedia, whether it’s a realistic looking bird or animal, a 10-eyed alien, or something completely bizarre and unexpected like a creature that looks like a motorcycle, it’s clear that people have an innate desire to be creative, and we’re thrilled to help them express themselves.”

The Sporepedia is an extraordinarily vast online destination where people worldwide can search for and share Spore creations, comment on other player’s designs, check out celebrity creature creations and much more.

Anyone can download their own copy of the Spore Creature Creator or check out hundreds of thousands of amazing creations from around the world in the Sporepedia™ at www.spore.com.

The millionth creature was created by user “FlamingChidori” and was named, “Sapiusgeenus” - a two-legged green creature that the creator described as “one of my favorites so far,” Bradshaw observed.

The Spore Creature Creator is a stand-alone product and creativity toy box where players create their own unique creatures, bring them to life with entertaining animations, and share them online with friends around the world.

The full version of the Spore Creature Creator can be had for Dh39,99 at retail stores or by visiting www.spore.com.  A free trial version of the Spore Creature Creator is also available today at the site.

The trial version features 25 per cent of the creature-making parts from Spore and lets players shape, paint and play with their custom-created creatures. Creatures made in the Spore Creature Creator can also be imported into the full Spore game, allowing players to populate their own galaxies when the game ships worldwide later this year.

The Spore Creature Creator lets players create their own creatures, take them on a test drive, snap pictures, and make movies of them. Sharing pictures or videos with friends is as easy as the click of a button, Bradshaw added.-TradeArabia News Service

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