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Bahrain warns firms on illegal ads

Manama, March 21, 2009

Illegal advertisers could soon be fined hundreds of dinars if they continue to post flyers on traffic lights and public buildings in Bahrain, councillors have warned.

Businesses promoting their goods and services without official approval in the Central Governorate could also face legal action, depending on the severity of the case, they said.

It follows a crackdown on illegal advertising being spearheaded by Central Municipal Council in co-operation with the Central Municipality and Central Police Directorate.

Apart from defacing government-owned traffic lights, the posters also confuse motorists, said council chairman Abdulrahman Al Hassan.

'These advertisements ruin public property and also make the streets look like the Yellow Pages,' he said.

'People basically print their advertisement on an A4 paper and place it on traffic lights without paying.'

Al Hassan said more than 50 violations were discovered during a random survey of main roads in the governorate.

He said that the offending advertisements ranged from wedding services to DJs and hairdressers.

'Drivers cannot see traffic signs anymore. It is covered with these advertisements,' said Al Hassan. 'This doesn't only look ugly, but it confuses drivers and is considered dangerous.'

Hassan said the council had appointed municipality officials to investigate the advertisements and check if their owners have a valid Commercial Registration.

'If they own a Commercial Registration then we act immediately against the violators,' said Al Hassan.

'If they don't, it's even worse because they are operating a business without registering it.'

Hassan said any violators caught displaying advertisements without permission from authorities would be prosecuted.

He urged everyone to follow the law and keep the country's streets and roads clean. 'If you want to advertise by all means do it according to the law. No one can stop you,' he added.-TradeArabia News Service

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