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Metito backs HAI water relief program

Dubai , May 6, 2009

Metito, a UAE-based international wastewater management company, and Human Appeal International (HAI), have joined hands to provide clean drinking water supply to some of Africa's parched villages.

HAI is an UAE-based NGO that since 1984 has strived to support long-term economic and social development in deprived areas with a wide range of relief and development projects.

Thanks to this joint initiative, more than 3,000 people who live with a severe shortage of water in African villages will soon have access to a clean drinkable supply. The latest initiative involves the drilling of three wells in Senegal and two in Niger.

Metito has pledged its support to HAI, which provides lasting supplies of fresh, uncontaminated water to countries suffering from a severe shortage, said a senior official.

According to HAI, more than five million people worldwide die every year from drinking polluted water. The drilling of the wells has already started, with the completion date estimated to be around August this year.

“We are delighted to lend our support to HAI for this important initiative,” said Layal Halabi, Corporate Communications executive at Metito.

“We believe it is our social responsibility to assist some of the world’s most poverty stricken to have access to clean drinking water - life’s most basic necessity.”

"The areas where the wells are currently being built have very limited access to water. Many of the villagers have to travel long distances, sometimes more than 15 kms a day, just to collect water, often with women carrying it in heavy buckets," Halabi pointed out.

"Even then, it still isn’t enough water to meet their needs and without help, the future for these villagers looks very bleak," he added.

The wells in Senegal will be built in the farming villages of Embaki Salom, Ambokhom and Beydab, which are collectively home to nearly 800 villagers.  Most of these villages consist of women who travel for many kilometers daily to get drinking water.

According to HAI, Niger has a population of some 13.5 million and 85 per cent of the country’s isolated villages are not connected to the main water pipe networks. The wells are being dug in the villages of Modlari and Tolojoul.

Modlari is home to over 600 people who need to travel for more than three kilometers daily for water, often standing in line for more than half an hour, after their own well dried up, Halabi said.

The second well is being drilled in the village of Tolojoul, where over 2,000 families and valuable livestock will benefit from the water it will provide. Currently the only source of water is a small badly maintained well, which is also a danger to children.

According to the World Health Organization, 1.1 billion people on the planet live without drinkable water and  3,900 children die daily from water related diseases.

“This is why we prioritize water-related projects in the countries we work in. In the light of the disastrous effects that the lack of water leaves behind, the HAI is committed to secure water to those who need it the most around the world and we are delighted that Metito have joined us in this valuable cause” commented Abdullah Al Awadi, deputy secretary of the Human Appeal International.-TradeArabia News Service

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