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Eco-friendly bulb campaign success

Dubai, June 29, 2009

Ecobility Energy Solutions, originators of the environmental campaign Make the Switch, said that thousands from Nakheel communities participated in a voluntary scheme to avail of the Nakheel-subsidised Illume energy efficient bulbs.

Residents who have taken part are now set to collectively achieve a reduction of approximately 1.46 million kWh in electricity consumption resulting in savings of about Dh300,000 ($81,500), all by simply switching their incandescent bulbs with Illume bulbs.

Ecobility, which aims to introduce one million Illume energy efficient bulbs into the UAE market as part of the campaign, made the bulbs available for sale directly within Nakheel communities.

The initiative was met with an enthusiastic response, proving that UAE residents are more than willing to lead sustainable lifestyles when given the opportunity to do so.

“The Make The Switch campaign is all about helping people realize that environmentally significant changes are quickly and easily achievable,” said Wadah Abusin, co-founder and managing partner of Ecobility.

“Often people are overwhelmed by the state of the world’s environment, but during the course of our activity within Nakheel communities, we were able to demonstrate that initiating a change can be as simple as switching a light bulb,” he added.

“Setting an inspiring example, the reduced energy consumption achieved by participating Nakheel residents will mitigate nearly 881,000 kg of carbon emissions, equivalent to removing approximately 169 cars off our roads.”

Illume energy efficient bulbs consume about one-fifth of the power of incandescent bulbs to provide the same light intensity and warm white colour, last 10 times longer and emit 70 per cent less heat. Illume bulbs also last substantially longer than most other energy saving bulbs currently available in the UAE market.

“If just this portion of residents from Nakheel’s communities will be generating these levels of savings and environmental benefits, then imagine what could be achieved if all UAE residents switched from their inefficient incandescent bulbs,” Abusin concluded. “The change is simple but the results are staggering.”

For a limited time, Illume Bulbs can be purchased across stores in the UAE at a price of Dh10 ($2.72) for a twin-pack. – TradeArabia News Service

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