Wednesday 25 April 2018

Israel ‘primed for war on Iran’

Herzliya, May 10, 2010

Israel is primed to wage war on Iran, a deputy to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday, in a rare break with his government's reticence as foreign governments try to curb Tehran's nuclear plans.

By spearheading assaults on guerrillas in neighbouring Lebanon and Palestinian territories, the Israeli air force had gained the techniques necessary for any future strikes on Iranian sites, Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon said.

'There is no doubt that the technological capabilities, which improved in recent years, have improved range and aerial refuelling capabilities, and have brought about a massive improvement in the accuracy of ordnance and intelligence,' he told a gathering of military brass and experts near Tel Aviv.

'This capability can be used for a war on terror in Gaza, for a war in the face of rockets from Lebanon, for war on the conventional Syrian army, and also for war on a peripheral state like Iran,' said Yaalon, a former armed forces chief.

Israel, which is assumed to have the Middle East's only atomic arsenal, bombed Iraq's nuclear reactor in 1981 and launched a similar sortie in Syria in 2007.

But its veiled threats against foe Iran have been questioned by some independent analysts who see the potential targets as too distant, dispersed, numerous and well-defended for Israeli warplanes to take on alone.

Israel's leaders rarely use the term 'war' while publicly discussing how to deal with Iran, in whose often secretive uranium enrichment, long-range missile projects and hostile rhetoric the Jewish state sees a mortal threat.


Officially endorsing efforts by UN Security Council powers to step up sanctions against Tehran, which denies having hostile designs, Netanyahu and other senior Israeli officials usually speak obliquely of a need to 'keep all options on the table'.

In separate remarks, another deputy prime minister, Dan Meridor, said 'there is still time' for diplomacy to work. He sought to play down Israel's interest in having Iran reined in, calling it a global challenge.

'If in the end of the day, Iran does get nuclear, in spite of what America says and wants, this will have grave implications for world order, the balance of power and the rules of the game,' said Meridor, who, like Yaalon, belongs to Netanyahu's seven-member inner council.

Addressing the Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies, Yaalon was more hawkish, saying Israel was in a proxy war with Iran due to its sponsorship of Lebanon's Hezbollah guerrillas and the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas.

'There is no doubt, looking at the overall situation, that we are already in a military confrontation with Iran,' he said.

'Iran is the main motivator of those attacking us.' – Reuters

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