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Hertz offers tips to save fuel costs

Dubai, November 2, 2010

Hertz UAE, part of the Al-Futtaim group of companies, has compiled a series of tips which not only will help save on fuel costs and cut pollution, but also promote better driving habits and road safety standards in the UAE.

These tips, which have the potential to save up to Dh600 ($163) per year, are in line with car rental company’s support of Dubai Police’s recently announced 10-year plan to reduce traffic accidents and the UAE government’s plans to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint.

Hertz recommends:
• Take it steady: Reduce fuel consumption by cutting speed.
• Pressure point: Inflate tyres to manufacturers recommended levels. This reduces friction by reducing the contact area of your tyre to the road, helping to achieve a slightly improved fuel mileage.
• Plan your route: Avoid busy roads, heavy traffic, traffic lights and getting lost by advance route planning. The shortest route is not always the most fuel efficient if you have to stop a lot.
• Remove excess weight. Leave unnecessary tools and excess weight at home. 
• Brake correctly. A car consumes most fuel as it accelerates. Keep the ride smooth, anticipate traffic and apply slow steady acceleration and braking to increase fuel economy by as much as 20 per cent.
• Cruise control is recommended in steady traffic conditions. Keeping a constant speed helps save fuel.
• Shift into neutral when standing still to reduce transmission strain and cool off the transmission.
• Service your vehicle regularly. Proper maintenance avoids poor fuel economy related to dirty air filters, old spark plugs or low fluid levels.
• Purchase a fuel efficient vehicle: When buying a new vehicle, examine the vehicle's fuel efficiency rating. Usually a small vehicle with manual transmission delivers the best fuel economy.
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