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DFMC launches unique King Koil bed linens

Dubai, February 5, 2011

Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Company (DFMC), manufacturer of King Koil brand of luxury bedding under license from US-based King Koil, has launched a unique blend of silk linens that can last up to 20 years.

The company launched Silk Creations under its specialty bedding accessories brand - 'Comfort Solutions by King Koil’. The price of a ‘Comfort Solutions’ silk linen set ranges from Dh3100 ($844) to Dh4400 ($1198).

“Comfort Solutions silk has excellent durability and a reasonably well maintained linen set can last for about 20 years,” said Sundar Rajan, CEO of DFMC.

“If we compare fibres of this silk and steel with the same diameter, it is often said that the silk fibre will be stronger. Its durability is also associated with its ease of maintenance. It generally resists wrinkles and dries fast. Comfort Solutions Silk also has natural resistance to mould, mildew among other such features which adds to its property of ease in maintenance said,” he added.

“This is a luxury offering of pure hand-woven silk in different patterns. Each of these linen sets made of the ‘Queen of fibres’, consists of a flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillow cases.

This silk is actually natural protein derived from the cocoons of silkworms that have been carefully reared. The silk filaments are carefully unwound from the cocoon and woven into threads,” added Sundar Rajan.

The Comfort Solutions range is the perfect complement for King Koil's comprehensive portfolio of award-winning mattress products and includes mattress toppers, mattress protectors, speciality pillows, duvets and linen sets, a statement said.

Silk Creations by Comfort Solutions is hypo-allergenic. It has innate resistance to dust-mites, mold, funguses and mildew. Since silk processing is a gentle process, such innate properties are retained, making it appealing to people with allergies like asthma, it added.

It supposedly has properties which resists ageing and wrinkles and also is good for hair growth. It is also known to calm the senses. It also has flame retardant properties, making it safe and ideal for children and babies.

“We usually keep such premium offerings out of promotions. But this year the DSF scheme has been designed quite attractively due to which we have included it in the DSF promotion, to give maximum benefit to the customer. It comes in different sizes and two designs. One is called the Gold- Ash design and the other is called Olive-Silver design,” concluded Sundar Rajan.

Comfort Solutions offering also include duvet covers with designs to match the linen sets and is 100 per cent natural. Though it is a natural product, this silk does not have undesirable odours. This has thermo-regulatory properties.

This silk will wick away moisture from the body and avoid heat build-up in summer; in winter, its draping ability and absence of air-pockets makes it warm. Comfort Solutions silk also contains essential amino acids which are commonly used in moisturisers and hair care products, according to the statement.

These amino acids - serine, glycine and alanine stimulates hair and skin. Its low molecular weight enables it to permeate the surface layers of the skin and their hygroscopic property retains adequate moisture in the skin layers, the statement said. – TradeArabia News Service

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